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Charity encourages people with special needs to vote

Charity encourages people with special needs to vote Credit: ITV News

A charity helping people with special needs and learning difficulties is running a campaign to encourage them to vote.

United Response "Every Vote Counts" campaign has been lobbying senior politicians and getting brochures produced to explain the voting process.

Their political correspondent, who lives in Cornwall, has also helped produce easy-to-understand versions of the political parties' manifestos.

"At the last election it was only one in three people we support as opposed to 65.1% of the general population. What we would like to see is greater voting parity and we are conducting a survey to see how many people voted in this election. We are hoping it really does rise and the message that 'Every vote counts' really does get across to everybody."

– JOHN COOPER, United Response campaign manager

They use the state, or they have to depend on the state more than other people, so they have the right to decide who runs the state. Secondly, they are human beings with the right to vote".

– David ALLKINS, United Response political correspondent


Pilot Gig Championships start on the Isles of Scilly

The World Pilot Gig Championships start on the Isles of Scilly Credit: ITV News

The World Pilot Gig Championships start on the Isles of Scilly today and carry on across the Bank Holiday weekend.

More than 150 craft are taking part this year. It's become so popular there's talk of limiting the number of entries in future.

The annual event has attracted a strong international field.

Michael Leviseur has travelled all the way from the U.S.A to compete with the American crew.


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Bob's Bank Holiday weather forecast

Bob's Bank Holiday Blog Credit: ITV News

British Bank Holidays are hardly renowned for their good weather. Often its very mixed. When we do get nice conditions, its heralded as a "minor miracle'. Well this Bank Holiday weekend will live up to its somewhat tarnished reputation.

After weeks of high pressure pleasure, we are back into the fluid regime of Atlantic depressions and active fronts. And what we've got coming up is a deep low pressure system off the south-west of the country which will run northwards, rain fronts spiralling off the depression.

The first front will run over the Westcountry tomorrow, bringing some heavy bursts of rain. The associated winds will also pick up. One good thing is that it will suck in warmer air from the milder temperatures for the weekend.

Sunday is going to have a mix of sunshine and showers. However some of the showers could be on the heavy side possibly producing hail and even a rumble of thunder.

Bank Holiday Monday still has a question mark over the day's weather. The expectation is that another low will develop to the south west of the region. We should see cloud increasing with showery outbreaks, especially in the afternoon along the south coast.

As a rider to all that, Tuesday have strong winds with some showers. High pressure is expected to build in during the week. The likelihood is that Election Day may be settled for the voters.

Labour's deputy leader defends party's road plans

With less than a week to go until the general election Harriet Harman has been campaigning in the south west.

Ian Axton asks Labour's deputy leader about her party's plans to delay the dual A358 link between the M5 and A303.

The party has made a manifesto pledge to use the money that the Conservatives would spend on the road to freeze rail fares instead.

Former Royal Marine fundraising for Nepal earthquake victims

A former Royal Marine from Devon is to walk from his home to London next week to raise money for Nepal charities.

Paul Mattin from Woodbury Salterton near Exeter will trek around 35 miles per day and then sleep under a tarpaulin at night.

He's hoping by experiencing a little of the hardship of the Nepalese then he can raise thousands of pounds.

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