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1 in 10 parents skip meals to feed their children

Gillian, a single mother of three, says she's grateful for donations from the Exeter Food Bank, without which she says her family could be forced out of their home.

The charity Shelter claims that more than a third of working parents are cutting back on food spending to cope with increasing housing costs. With 1 in 10 even skipping meals.

What we need to see the Government do is make sure the safety net is strong, so if people lose their jobs, or their income falls off a cliff they don't lose their homes straight away, and can take that chance to get back on their feet.

– Shelter

Paignton Zoo helps save rare frog

A Golden Mantella frog Credit: Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo has been praised for its work in preserving a rare frog which is on the Critically Endangered list.

The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA), which promotes the values of good zoos and aquariums, has compiled a list of the top ten reptiles and amphibians benefitting from the help of its members.and the Golden Mantella frog from Madagascar, is one of those featured.

Unusually, the Golden Mantella frog doesn't croak. Instead, males attract females with a series of clicking noises.

“Amphibians are in trouble, and Madagascar’s amphibians are in BIG trouble. I believe we have a moral obligation to help protect biodiversity. Golden mantellas will die out in the wild unless we act now.”

– Mike Bungard, Paignton Zoo


West Country (E)

Conditions improving at Great Dorset Steam Fair

Great Dorset Steam Fair
The muddy scene at the Great Dorset Steam Fair yesterday Credit: ITV News West Country

The organisers of the Great Dorset Steam Fair say that conditions are still very muddy but are improving this morning. Yesterday many visitors to the fair were stranded for hours waiting to be towed through the mud.

The car parks for day visitors are mostly dry and running as normal, but pre-paid camping vehicles may face delays due to the ground conditions in gates 3 and 4.

– Great Dorset Steam Fair statement

Tall Ships Regatta sails into Falmouth

Tall Ships Regatta
More than 40 tall ships are taking part in Falmouth. Credit: ITV News West Country

The Tall Ships Regatta begins in Falmouth today.

More than 40 sail training vessels from around the world, including 12 of the magnificent and mighty square-rigged tall Ships will be open to the public to explore and learn about.

They'll leave Falmouth Bay on Sunday in a spectacular Parade of Sail.


Foodbank says people forced to go without food

A volunteer at a foodbank in Liskeard. Credit: ITV News West Country

Families in the West Country are cutting back on food to keep up with other parents, according to the charity Shelter.

Volunteers from a foodbank in Liskeard say they've seen people who've gone without just to make ends meet and it's not just the unemployed.

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