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A Christmas lights controversy in the West Country

While most people in the South West are admiring the Christmas light displays that are popping up in our town and city centres - the residents of two towns aren't being quite so complimentary.

No, in Tiverton and Penzance the displays look like pants - according to locals.

That's not their way of saying they look bad - they literally look like pants.

Penzance Credit: Mick & Karen Warne
Tiverton Credit: Apex News and Pictures

Teresa Fogarty of Penzance Town Council said:

"We got a lot of comments the first year they went up. It was quite hilarious people saw the funny side of it and it's quite quirky which fits in with Penzance, that's the kind of town we are, nobody's been offended by them not that I've heard, and it just adds to the fun of Christmas which is supposed to be a jolly time anyway."

– Teresa Fogarty, Penzance Town Council
Even in the cold light of day the Christmas lights in Penzance bear a strong resemblance to underwear. Credit: ITV News


Do these Christmas lights in Tiverton look like pants?

Tiverton's Christmas lights have been ridiculed on social media for looking like pants Credit: Apex

Tiverton's Christmas lights have been mocked on the internet because they look like giant green pants.

The Christmas lights, which cost £15,000, have given some festive cheer to the town but some are saying they look like a washing line covered in underwear.

Posting on Facebook Janet Johns wrote: 'Ok, if they are not pants.... what are they?" while George Parker wrote on Twitter: "Looking forward to heading home for Xmas to see Tiverton's now infamous pants."

Tiverton Town Council raise funds to pay for the Christmas lights throughout the year.


Watch: our reporter visits Plymouth's unusual tribute to The Beatles

Over the years there have been many tributes to the Fab Four - whose visit to Plymouth in 1967 was captured in this picture of them soaking up the sun on the Hoe.

Credit: Getty

But the latest tribute - which was inspired by this picture and unveiled by Plymouth city council today - must be one of the most surreal.

Our reporter Claire Manning has been to have a look...and a sit.

YOUR STORIES: the surprising swaps in your online shops

An ITV News viewer's online shopping order took a surprising turn when the baby wipes he asked for weren't available - so he was sent a bottle of whisky instead as a substitute.

The supermarket later sent along the wipes, leaving one very happy customer.

Since we posted this story many of you have got in touch with tales of your own supermarket swaps.

Have a look at these:

I have had some great substitutes and some not so good. Like a bottle of bleach instead of a tiger loaf.

– Sarah Dimambro

The funniest I ever heard was someone asked for condoms and it got substituted for a pregnancy test!

– Sheena Rodman

I ordered 12 cans of dog food and they substituted it for a pack of toddlers pampers pull ups.

– Jackie Jarvis

Ingredients for a spag bol when I wanted the pre made mix!

– Amie Gyte

City of Lights procession hits the streets of Truro

Thousands of people are getting ready to come out onto the streets of Truro for one of the most colourful events in the West Country calendar - the City of Lights Festival. A dazzling array of lanterns will light up the streets.

Steve Hardy joined a crowd of 800 school children as they prepare for the festivities.

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