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Children's TV village Trumpton will be set alight tonight

Children's TV village Trumpton will be set alight tonight Credit: ITV News

A North Devon group famous for building enormous bonfires with novelty scenes and figures will be setting fire to their latest creation tonight.

This re-creation of the Children's TV village Trumpton will be set alight later this evening.

Around 20,000 people are expected, while raising thousands for charity.


A message in a bottle - a hundred years on

A bottle that was washed up in Germany containing a message has been returned to Plymouth - more than a hundred years after it was dropped into the sea. It had been dropped into the North Sea between 1904 and 1906 and was recently washed up on a beach at Amrum.

George Bidder, Researcher & bottle dropper Credit: Plymouth MBA

The bottle was one of a thousand being used to study currents in the North Sea. A shilling was promised to anyone who returned a bottle to Plymouth's Marine Biological Association. The MBA has honoured its promise, and has sent the couple who found the bottle one shilling.

The Winklers with their shilling Credit: Winkler family

Young busker raises over £50,000 for children's hospice

10-year-old Madison Glinski has raised the money in just over a year. Credit: ITV West Country

A 10 year old busker from St Ives has raised over £50,000 for a local charity.

Madison Glinksy has been playing her violin in the streets of Cornwall since April 2014.

She set a target of raising £50,000 for the Children's Hospice South West after hearing about the work the charity does for life limited children.

But Madison has now gone over her target and has handing over a cheque for £52,006 to the charity today.

I feel overwhelmed and really happy that I've finally reached my target. I've had to do lots and lots of busking but it's gone by really quickly because I've enjoyed every single moment of it. My mum wants me to rest now but I want to keep fundraising.

– Madison Glinkski
Madison hands over her cheque to Children's Hospice South West. Credit: ITV West Country

Its overwhelming to think that one young lady is so inspired by the needs of other children, I can't believe what she's done in such a short space of time.

– Mary Murfin, Children's Hospice South West

WATCH: Jet-powered shopping trolley's world record attempt

Matt McKeown has made several world record attempts with a jet-powered shopping trolley. Credit: ITV West Country

Matt McKeown from Plymouth has clocked a speed of just over 55 miles an hour in a jet-powered shopping trolley, at an airfield in North Yorkshire.

The trolley is powered by a 150 horsepower engine for a Chinook helicopter - and has go-kart wheels and its own braking system.

Its determined driver has made several world record attempts with his quirky creation.


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