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British ship from 1846 found in Canadian Arctic

A British exploration ship abandoned almost 170 years ago has been discovered in the Arctic Ocean off the north coast of Canada.

Two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were abandoned by a scientific expedition in 1846 after becoming trapped in the polar ice.

The vessel was located by a remotely-operated underwater vehicle operated by Parks Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the find had "solved one of Canada's greatest mysteries", although he revealed it was not yet known which of Erebus and Terror had been discovered.


Cat trapped in wall in Newquay

A cat became trapped between a wall and a building in Lusty Glaze Road in Newquay

A cat is recovering in Cornwall after coming close to losing one of its nine lives.

The pet became trapped between a wall and a building in Lusty Glaze Road in Newquay. The fire service were called out by the RSPCA yesterday morning. They rescued it using a tool kit and the cat was reunited with its owner. It was taken to the vets for a check up as a precaution.

the cat was eventually reunited with its owner

Thousands of guitarists in Dorset set new UK record

Thousands of amateur guitarists performed at Lyme Regis beach Credit: ITV News

More than 3,000 amateur guitarists have performed Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water in Lyme Regis as part of a record-breaking attempt.

Led by Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan, they set a new UK record for the largest number of guitarists playing at once.

The guitarists joined forces to complete "Britain's Biggest Band" Credit: ITV News

Guitars on the Beach, organised by Geoff Baker, attracted worldwide interest and saw 3,325 musicians – including some from Canada, the USA and Germany - complete the record attempt.

Describing themselves as "Britain's Biggest Band", they have grown by more than a thousand members since last year, which saw 2,267 attend.

Corn dolly record attempt

Audrey Rolfe is attempting to weave the world's longest corn dolly Credit: ITV Westcountry

A pensioner from Bridport is hoping to weave the world's longest corn dolly.

Audrey Rolfe's efforts will be on show at this weekend's Dorset County Show. She's aiming for it to be 60 feet long.

Corn dollies are plaited to celebrate the harvest. She's chosen a design known as a Welsh fan.


"Pig cam" at Heligan becomes an internet sensation

Credit: Heligan Wild

A live broadcast of a rare sow and her litter at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall has become an internet sensation.

"Pig Cam" streams the antics of ten Tamworth piglets and their mother. Daily visits to the site have doubled.

The Tamworth breed is classed as "at risk" by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust but the team at The Lost Gardens hope to help change this.

To see the Heligan Tamworth Pigs, visit

Torquay zoo keeper teaches seal to swim

Torquay zoo keeper teaches seal to swim Credit: ITV News West Country

A keeper at a zoo in Torquay has been given the job of teaching a young seal to swim. Normally they learn from their parents but this seal pup is being hand-reared and Libor Mach has had to step in. Apparently she's taken to it like a - well - seal to water.

She was quite scared, actually, the first day. It was quite funny seeing a seal run out of the water, but Li has done a great job and she's found her flippers and she's well away now, and she's really enjoying the water.

– Clare Rugg, Living Coasts Operations Manager
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Lorry towed out of narrow lane in Wells

These pictures show today's operation to extract yet another lorry out of Mill Lane, Coxley, in Wells. It is the third to get stuck in seven days.

The jammed lorry in Mill Lane. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes
This picture shows just how tight a squeeze it was. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes
A tow lorry was the only solution. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes
This garden wall was badly damaged. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes
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