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Sand art wows visitors to Somerset beach

The amazing artwork that has appeared on a Somerset beach Credit: Ian Sweetman

Visitors to Brean Down in Somerset were treated to quite a spectacle this weekend after a piece of geometric sand art appeared on the beach

These photos were sent in by one of our viewers, Ian Sweetman, who picked the perfect vantage point for his snaps.

Although the design is naturally shortlived we're glad we can share this amazing artwork with you

Beautiful - but brief - beach art at Brean Credit: Ian Sweetman

Seal finds ideal sun trap on work crew's boat

The seal thought it had found the ideal suntrap on the River Tone Credit: Environment Agency SW

It seems the sunshine encouraged everyone to bathe in its glory today - including this seal.

The Pirate seal spotted the ideal spot to catch some rays after the Environment Agency parked its weeding boat nearby.

The crew had to "calmly persuade" the lounging mammal to jump off the vessel on the River Tone so they could continue with their work!

Have you lost a peacock?

The RSPCA is appealing for the owner of a lost peacock to come forward. The spectacular bird was found in Westford, Wellington in Somerset on Saturday. An inspector picked the peacock up and took it to RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Taunton where it is now being cared for. It is not known where the peacock could have come from originally as there are not any well-known estates close by that keep the birds.

Lost peacock Credit: RSPCA

Somebody should be missing this peacock. They can’t fly very far but do sometimes hop from building to building so it’s likely to have only travelled a short distance of a mile or so. Most peacocks in this country are owned so we’d like to be able to reunite this one with its rightful owner. The peacock has missing tail feathers but this can sometimes happen naturally as the bird moults. If you recognise this bird or know who owns it you can ring the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

– Chief Inspector David Steele, RSPCA
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