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West Country sights in national 'simple pleasures' list

The national tourist board Visit England has published a new guide to 25 "simple pleasures" we can all enjoy. Themed around the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, it features some familiar locations and activities:

Number Two on the list is 'Indulging in Afternoon Tea, Devon'. Credit: ITV News
Number Four is 'Rock Pooling in Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall'. Credit: Visit Cornwall
Number Eleven is 'Stargazing in Exmoor National Park, Somerset'. Credit: PA
Number Nineteen is 'Visiting a honey farm, Devon'. Credit: PA


Devon man finds lost watch in his dog's stomach

A grandfather from Devon found his missing watch after he heard the alarm going off inside his dog.

Minibus driver Terry Morgan, 66, from Cockwood in Devon heard the ringing sound coming from the stomach of his Newfoundland Charlie.

The dog would have had to undergo an expensive emergency operation, but fortunately he eventually vomited the watch out.

The watch was set to go off at 10:55pm to remind me to call last orders. I rushed him to the vet for an emergency operation and was a bit ticked off because that would have cost me about £1,000. But when Charlie saw the anaesthetic needle he howled with fright and coughed the watch up.

– Terry Morgan, dog owner

Europe's oldest common seal becomes a dad again!

Europe's oldest common seal, has beaten his keepers' best efforts to prevent him becoming a dad again for the second year running.

At the grand old age of 37, Babyface has now fathered two seal pups from his supposed retirement home in two of the four years he's been at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek.

Babyface is thought to be the oldest seal in Europe. Credit: Cornwall Seal Sanctuary

He surprised us last year when one of our two females Sija gave birth.

When he arrived from Colchester Zoo in 2010 we thought we we’re providing him with an ideal retirement home.

– Tamara Cooper, Cornwall Seal Sanctuary
Females Sija (Left) and Luna (Right) caring for the newest addition to the family. Credit: Cornwall Seal Sanctuary

Having prescribed both females Sija and Luna with contraceptive following the birth of pup Bo, the latest addition has been described as something of a minor miracle.

Sija and Pup at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek. Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Our primary goal here is rescue, and we haven’t really got the capacity for breeding.

Either Babyface is a real super-stud or they just weren’t effective.

– Tamara Cooper, Cornwall Seal Sanctuary

Babyface, who lost an eye to infection many years ago and looks a true ‘gangster’ of the marine world, has now been exiled to the adjacent pool with son Bo.

In spite of his exile, most Sanctuary staff members are convinced that Babyface is looking just a tiny bit smug in his new temporary quarters.

Parking space for sale... for £25,000

Offers have already been coming in for the parking space in Portscatho Credit: Alastair Shaw Coastal & Countryside Homes

A parking space in Cornwall is on sale for more than £25,000.

Several offers have already come in for the unmarked spot in North Parade, Portscatho.

Many of the houses in the village have no parking of their own and there has not been a parking space on sale in Portscatho in the last ten years.


Fire crew rescues puppy from 80ft mine shaft

Crews prepare to enter the mineshaft. Credit: Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service

Rescuers from Camborne and Penzance spent the morning rescuing 8-month-old labrador Aristotle from an 80ft mine shaft. He was unharmed, and reunited with his owner. Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service say operations like this provide useful training for crews.

One member of the team was lowered to the base of the shaft to retrieve the dog. Credit: Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service
Suitable refreshments were on standby. Credit: Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service
Aristotle emerges from the shaft with his rescuers. Credit: Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service
Aristotle is reunited with his owner. Credit: Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service
All over! Time to carry on with that walk. Credit: Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service

The pub that went pink overnight

The Albion in Liskeard has been painted pink as a prank Credit: ITV News West Country

A Cornish pub has turned pink overnight. Four regulars at The Albion in Liskeard carried out the prank while the landlord was away on holiday. He left his son in charge. It was white when he locked up, and this shocking pink when he woke in the morning.

Cornwall rescue dogs predict World Cup results

A team of rescue dogs in Cornwall have been predicting the results of all the fixtures from the World Cup.

In 2010 we had Paul the Octopus from Weymouth predicting the results, but now it's the turn of the K9 Crusaders who are based near Truro.

They're taking a daily punt on the winning teams. As Kathy Wardle's been finding out, it's all a case of following their noses.

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