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Are you one of the 400 people still watching TV in black & white?

Nearly 50 years on from the first colour TV service, people in the West Country are still watching black and white television with nearly 400 licences in force.

But they're not alone, according to the latest figures from TV Licensing South West, more than 9000 people across the UK are still watching in black and white.

people in the UK still watch television in black and white.

Do you still watch TV in black and white? Let us know via - we'd love to hear from you.

Find out how Tom Daley cooks breakfast

This picture of Tom Daley cooking breakfast in a segmented pan has clocked up 47,000 hits on Instagram Credit: Tom Daley

Plymouth diver Tom Daley has created a lot of interest by posting a picture on Instagram of him cooking.

The image shows the Olympic bronze medallist frying a full English breakfast in a specially segmented frying pan.

It's clocked up more than 47,000 likes with some fans wanting to get their hands on the gadget. Tom's fiance, Dustin Lance Black, has posted his own picture showing him about to tuck into the finished result.

As Tom's fiance says, "Just add HP sauce" Credit: Dustin Lance Black



Bid to get abandoned van World Heritage status ruined

The Facebook campaign site Credit: Facebook

A Facebook campaign to get an overturned van awarded World Heritage status has been scuppered.

The vehicle had been in a ditch by the A30 at Ludgvan for so long, locals launched the bid to get it the same status as the City of Bath or the Pyramids.

But today the spoof plans were ruined when a recovery lorry picked up the white van and took it to a scrapyard.

It could be argued that this was the ultimate aim of the campaigners anyway!

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