Pooches predict World Cup winners

A team of canine football lovers in Cornwall are picking out their World Cup predictions by following their noses.

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For sale: one nuclear bunker

The bunker was designed to accommodate 16 people deep underground Credit: ITV News West Country

A former Cold War nuclear bunker deep underground near Newquay has been put on the market for £50,000. It's being auctioned by South West Water. The bunker was built to protect water services in post-nuclear Cornwall.


Farmers attend cattle mind-reading workshops

by Richard Lawrence

Farmers across the region are being urged to take a much closer look at their herds to try to learn more about how they might be thinking. A series of workshops is being organised to teach farmers what signals livestock give off and how to interpret them.

Is this Exmoor beast the West's biggest pothole?

The pothole is five inches deep. Credit: ITV News/David Woodland
ITV West Country reporter David Woodland tries the pothole out for size. Credit: ITV News/David Woodland

The chassis-busting whopper is lying in wait for unwary motorists on the road between Wheddon Cross and Dunkery Beacon. The hole is surely so large not even Sir Walter Raleigh would dare to lay his cloak across it. The Beast of Exmoor measures 6 feet x 3 and is 5 inches deep.

We think it could be the biggest single pothole in the West. Unless you know differently of course! Please send (landscape) photos of other contenders to westcountry@itv.com.

The pothole is deep enough to burst a tyre. Credit: ITV News/David Woodland
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