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Blue shark spotted by cameraman in Brixham

It's not every day you come across a blue shark while out filming for ITV News West Country Credit: ITV News

Eagle-eyed cameraman Matt Mulcrone spotted a shark-like fish in the background of a shot while interviewing a diver by the breakwater in Brixham.

He thought it was a dogfish. The diver, Ian Russell from Bristol, followed it and was able to pick it up. He identified it as a rare blue shark and told ITV News West Country he was thrilled as he had never seen anything like it in 12 years of diving off the South Devon coast.

He immediately returned it to the water and encouraged it to swim away.

Bristol diver Ian Russell was thrilled by the discovery Credit: ITV News
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Mirrors make £20,000 at auction

Some of the 120 mirrors that went under the hammer in Dorset Credit: ITV News

More than 120 pub mirrors and glass panes have been sold for £20,000 at auction in Dorchester.

Many were used as props in films and TV programmes but they were put on sale as old-fashioned pubs are no longer popular for dramas.

The auction was held by Duke's Auctioneers, which says there was a lot of interest in the items, with plenty of new buyers coming forward.

It says the total raised "exceeded expectations".

The mirrors came from a prop hire company, which found they were no longer needed Credit: ITV News


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More than 100 pub mirrors go "under the hammer"

Just a small sample of the mirrors going up for auction in Dorchester this week Credit: Duke's Auctioneers

More than 120 pub mirrors, glass panes and other fittings are going up for auction in Dorchester this week (Tuesday).

They come from a prop hire company and some may even have appeared on television. They're being sold as there's no demand for pub sets these days. Programme-makers also prefer perspex to glass for safety reasons and try to avoid brand names.

Cornish landlady takes 6 hours to change clocks

Don't forget to put your clocks back an hour tonight as British Summer Time ends. Credit: PA

As the clocks go back an hour tonight a landlady in Cornwall will be spending 6 hours resetting her 281 clocks!

Anne and Edward Connolly have been collecting clocks for the last three decades. Their vast collection now swamps every shelf, nook, window and table at the Earl of St Vincent in Egloshayle.

It takes a good six hours to do them all. They all have different characters, mechanisms and temperaments, so it's quite a job.

I don't have a particular favourite, I like them all, and even though they take a lot of work, winding and dusting, they give our customers a great deal of pleasure.

Some need to be wound daily, some half-weekly, some weekly. But because of their age, they are never all spot-on.

Even though I put them all right in the morning, a few will always run too slow or too fast.

– Anne Connolly, Landlady


Cornish MP says Elgin marbles are "stolen booty"

The Elgin marbles at the British Museum Credit: PA

A Cornish MP has joined the controversy over the Elgin Marbles, saying they should be returned to Greece.

Andrew George, Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives, described the sculptures - which once the adorned the Parthenon in Athens - as "stolen booty".

The issue was raised in the Commons, where a minister replied that the government contends that they are legally owned by the British Museum and on display free of charge.

Taunton's dragons go under the hammer

Taunton's dragons could raise thousands for charity Credit: ITV News West Country

Organisers of the Taunton Deane dragon trail are hoping to raise £50,000 for local community projects when the dragons are sold at auction this Sunday.

Around thirty painted dragons were placed around Taunton, Wellington and Wiveliscombe this summer. This weekend 21 of them will be going under the hammer at Queen's College in Taunton

The dragons will be auctioned for charity Credit: ITV News West Country

Charity Banger Rally cars head for Croatia

One of the cars in last year's Banger Rally Challenge Credit: ITV News West Country

This year's Charity Banger Rally Challenge from Cornwall to Croatia gets underway later.

Teams will leave this evening and travel through France, Monaco, Italy and Slovenia before finishing in the Croatian city of Pula next week.

It's hoped the rally will raise more than a hundred thousand pounds for various local charities.

The cars are heading from St Austell to Croatia Credit: ITV News West Country
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