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Supermoon seen from the skies

Tonight's supermoon should be a spectacular sight - except for the fact that much of the South West is covered in cloud.

The Exeter-based police helicopter has got around the problem by flying above the clouds.

Can you do better? Email with your supermoon pics or post them on Facebook and we may create a gallery.

Don't forget to include where you took the photo.

Fire crews rescue a DOG stuck up a tree

The dog was a little Jack Russell (file photo) Credit: ITV West Country

It's more usually the remit of their cat counterparts - but this time it was a dog who's had to be rescued from a tree.

Fire crews at Newquay Fire Station were called out to reports of "something" in need of a rescue:

And it turned out to be somebody's pet!

A little Jack Russell chased a cat up the tree, but got stuck themselves.

But don't worry, this tail has a happen ending.

Crews used a triple extension ladder to rescue the dog, who's been safely reunited with his owner.

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