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Yeovil locals rescue young cat found in supermarket recycling bin

The cat was rescued from a Salvation Army clothes recycling bin in at Morrison's. Credit: RSPCA/ITV West Country

Local residents in Yeovil rescued a young black cat, who they discovered in a recycling bin in the car park of a Morrison’s supermarket in the Somerset town.

Members of the public who were walking nearby heard the cat crying and followed the sound to the Salvation Army clothes recycling bin on Tuesday, 15 August.

We strongly believe the answer to tackling kitten abandonments lies in loving cat owners neutering their cats before they can get pregnant, so avoiding unplanned pregnancies."

– Alice Potter, RSPCA cat welfare expert

The cat is in the care of the local RSPCA branch. Anyone with more information is asked to contact the RSPCA.


Gloucester man gives 45-year-old tortoise the kiss of life

Tortoises are known for their life expectancy, but when John Fletcher found his lifeless at the bottom of his garden pond in Gloucester, there was only one course of action - the kiss of life.

45 year old Freeda had taken a tumble into the pond, but even though she wasn't moving John wasn't about to give up on his beloved pet.

Eli-Louise Wringe went to meet him:


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