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Policemen cheered when estate agent told them she had found Barney the dog

The estate agent who found Barney the dog, who went missing after his owner was run over and died in Torpoint, said she heard policemen cheering over the phone when she told them she had found him.

Tean Gardiner had been out searching for Barney for days after the cockapoo ran away when his 72-year-old owner was killed in the crash on Monday night.

A massive social media campaign under the #findbarney call to arms led to thousands of people to search for the missing pooch.

Tean finally found him hiding in a bush on farmland near Wilcove.


Missing dog Barney found after massive online search

Happy Reunion - Barney is reunited with his family. Credit: Torpoint Police
Torpoint Police say Barney was found bedraggled but alive near Home Farm in Willcove. Credit: Torpoint Police

A dog who who went missing when his owner was run over and killed in Torpoint has been found after an online campaign to locate him went viral.

Barney the cockapoo was found around 4.30pm near Home Farm in Wilcove by estate agent Tean Gardiner. Torpoint Police say he was bedraggled but alive.

Barney ran away when 72-year-old owner Jennifer Lowden died after a crash on the A374 on Monday night.

His story was shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands of times with the appeal by Torpoint Police being viewed more than 70,000 times and the #findbarney trending on twitter.

Thousands unite to search for missing dog after owner killed

Barney the three-year-old cockapoo is missing following the death of his owner Credit: Torpoint Police

Concerned strangers are uniting on social media to help search for a dog who disappeared when its owner was tragically run over and killed.

72-year-old Jennifer Lowden died after a crash on the A374 on the outskirts of Torpoint.

Now the hunt is on for her beloved three-year-old cockapoo Barney, who ran off following the collision, between Antony House and Horson cemetery on January 25.

After sharing the tragic story on their Facebook page, the plight captured the hearts of Facebook and Twitter users and has been shared thousands of times.

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Credit: Torpoint Police

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The appeal by Torpoint Police has now been viewed more than 70,000 times and the hashtag #findbarney has been trending on Twitter.

It has inspired dozens of people to search the local area for the canine, with many out looking overnight.

Dog walkers and commuters have been urged to keep a look out for Barney during their day-to-day routines.

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