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Beavers back in the River Otter

A family of beavers has been returned to the wild after being given a clean bill of health by Natural England.

An adult beaver being released back into the wild in Devon

Devon Wildlife Trust returned the beavers to the River Otter last night. They are thought to be the only breeding family in the UK.

The Trust will study the beavers over the next five years to assess the impact they have on the local environment.

This has been a really difficult few months, a huge amount of work.

We've been focusing a lot of time and effort to make sure these beavers come back to the river safely.

– Peter Burgess, Devon Wildlife Trust


Beavers to be released back into River Otter

Beavers will be released back into the River Otter after tests showed they're disease free. The animals were captured to check they weren't infected by a dangerous parasitic disease.

A baby beaver (kit) with an adult Credit: Credit: Tom Buckley

Now they've been given the all clear and they'll return to their habitat in the next few weeks. Devon Wildlife Trust has been given a 5 year licence to study the beavers.

Seal fights anglers for fish

Dartmouth-based fishing charter firm, Outlaw got more than it bargained for last weekend when it took some regulars on a trip on the Mid-Channel Wrecks in search of winter pollock.

The seal would not let the fish escape without a fight Credit: Owen Mallia

Tim Smith from Dawlish hooked a fish but had to fight off a seal for his prize. The boat's owner describes what happened.

Tim had just retrieved the fish to mid-water when suddenly his rod dipped viciously right over the rail, he now appeared to have a real battle on his hands, slowly he gained on the fish until his pollock broke the surface some distance from the boat.

It was clear he had caught a pollock, but trailing right behind his catch was a beady pair of eyes and whiskers – a seal had decided to attack his fish on the way up and hung on to it right on to the bitter end.

Thankfully, only the fish was hooked and as he reeled in his pollock towards Outlaw, the seal stubbornly let go and disappeared back to the deep.

– Owen Mallia, Skipper, Outlaw
You can just see the muzzle of the hungry seal trying to stop the fishermen stealing his lunch Credit: Owen Mallia

The same thing happened to two more anglers - and so, when the seal surfaced again, the skipper handed him a pollock, which he took and disappeared for the rest of the day, leaving the fishermen to fish in peace.

Tim Smith from Dawlish - who battled a seal for his prize - will certainly dine out on this tale for years to come Credit: Owen Mallia


Dancing animal duo are caught on camera performing jazz hands

A dancing duo of lesser tenrecs caught on camera performing jazz hands Credit: Paignton Zoo

A dancing duo of a rare type of hedgehog have been caught on camera in Devon appearing to perform jazz hands.

The snap shows the pair of lesser tenrecs perched on the ground with their eyes closed and paws outstretched.

Photographer Jean Wiltshire captured the moment at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park.

Cornish hotel cat is stolen

Police want to speak to the person in the hoody about the disappearance of Jerry the cat Credit: Penzance Hotel

A hotel cat from Cornwall - who is so popular he's been written about on Trip Advisor - has been kidnapped.

Jerry, the 13-year-old blue Burman, was taken from Hotel Penzance last week. CCTV shows a man talking to the pet before apparently making off with him.

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