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Devon farm is harvesting raspberries in winter

It's a bit late in the year for raspberry picking. Or is it? Credit: ITV News

A fruit farm in Mid Devon is continuing to harvest raspberries and it's December.

It's the latest in the year they've ever done so at Stockley Pomeroy near Crediton. A mild autumn following an ideal summer has meant perfect growing conditions.

They're not ruling out being able to pick the fruit on Christmas Day.

It might take a minus five to actually stop them. Or the light levels. As the light levels drop as we go towards the shortest day, it could well be that they don't ripen properly.

But we'll just have to wait and see because it's new territory for us really - to be this far into the autumn.

– anthony thorne, Farmer

Fears that Hinkley nuclear plant is being delayed

The site for the proposed nuclear power station in the shadow of the existing reactors Credit: ITV News

There are growing fears that the European Commission is delaying the building of a new power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. It's still to sign off all the building regulations surrounding the project.

Today Labour south west MEP Claire Moody will meet the Commission to try to speed up the process.


VAT refunds for air ambulances & rescue helicopters

Search and rescue helicopter based at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall Credit: ITV News

As part of the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor is to announce VAT refunds for Search and Rescue and Air Ambulance charities alongside £7.5 million extra support for air ambulances.

The VAT refunds will be worth £25 million over 5 years.

It is in response to the service the UK’s Search and Rescue and Air Ambulance charities provide, volunteering their time and expertise to support to emergency services.

At the moment, most Search and Rescue and Air Ambulance charities cannot claim VAT back on their search and rescue activities but this means they will all be able to apply for VAT refunds for them as of 1 April 2015.

Plymouth billionaire to give prisoners a pep talk

Plymouth's first home-gown billionaire is going to prison today, but just as a guest.

The founder of the Range chain of discount stores, Chris Dawson, will be in Dartmoor today. He is giving prisoners a pep talk on how to make an honest living.

His chain of a hundred stores and other enterprises are said to have earned him more than £1.2 billion but can still be seen working at weekends in his first store in Plymouth.

Dartmoor Prison. Credit: PA

Tin mining could return to Cornwall

Commercial tin mining could be making a return to Cornwall.

The soaring price of of the metal means companies are now looking at reviving the industry. Experts say the price of tin could double.

A Cornish tin mine in the nineteenth century. Credit: PA

"Searching for tin throughout the world for new deposits has drawn almost a complete blank but it is known that Cornwall has tin reserves and that is why there are now five companies looking very seriously at Cornwall."

– Joff Bullen, South West Mining Association


Cornwall Council likely to refuse funding for Fal dredging

Plans to dredge the Fal Estuary could be dealt a significant set back today.

Cornwall Council is expected to reject proposals to give £9 million to the project - because it's not convinced of the business case.

Supporters say it is necessary to help attract bigger vessels to the port.

Ships in the Fal Estuary. Credit: PA

"It's incredibly important not only just to jobs and the economy in Falmouth, but the whole of Cornwall - it's the fifth Naval Port, it's a very important centre of commercial shipping and really a hub of renewable energy."

– Sarah Newton MP, Con, Truro and Falmouth
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