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Cornwall stadium developer: "No Plan B"

"We do not have a Plan B, we've looked at grant funding, we've looked at loan funding, we've looked at tax payers' money coming from the council, all of which have been turned down in the past and this is our final option now, so we are asking officers to just approve our scheme to enable West Langarth and the stadium to happen."

– Rob Saltmarsh, Inox

Cornish Pirates: new stadium is vital

"It's absolutely vital to the future of the Cornish Pirates, it's been a seven year saga, and it's coming to a head today. The stadium provides the prospect for Cornwall to have top flight professional Rugby Union in Cornwall in years to come. If we don't get the decision today, then that prospect becomes an increasingly forlorn hope."

– Ian Connell, Cornish Pirates Chairman


Stadium supporters gather outside County Hall

Stadium supporters outside County Hall Credit: ITV News West Country

Around 100 supporters of the stadium including members of the Cornish Pirates rugby team gathered outside County Hall this morning singing rousing Cornish anthems. They urged councillors to vote for the stadium project to go ahead as they arrived for today's Strategic Planning Meeting.

Construction industry urged to encourage more women workers

CITB say more needs to be done to encourage women into the construction industry Credit: ITV West Country

A new report has urged construction firms to do more to attract women workers after it said the industry was still seen as sexist. A survey of 1,500 employers found that three out of four believed perceptions of a sexist culture were a major reason why women were under-represented.

The study by the Construction Industry Training Board - on International Women's Day - identified a lack of female role models as well as poor awareness of the types of jobs on offer.

The industry is on course for a major comeback, but we need a dynamic and diverse workforce to help deliver it. This poll shows that construction employers realise we are still a long way from overcoming the perceptions of sexism in our sector, which potentially keep women away.

To attract the best skills and talent from all parts of society, we are challenging industry to make women and people from all backgrounds feel welcome and valued.

– Gillian Econopouly, head of research at the CITB

The CITB's research shows that young people believe the industry is male dominated and poorly paid.

This weekend members of the public have been invited to visit a site in Plymouth to gain an insight into the construction industry, and potential career opportunities in the building trade.

Kat Simpson has gone into the industry as a trainee site manager. She says women are thriving in the trade.

Kat Simpson is a trainee site manager Credit: ITV West Country

The construction industry is so diverse. You can be working on a housing project one minute, and the next minute you can be working on a multi-million pound sky scraper.

Women are thriving. They're successful. And they need to start thinking about this as a career.

– Kat Simpson, trainee site manager

Richard Lawrence has been finding out what's being done in the South West to change preconceptions.


Farming - the UK's most dangerous industry

Farming is one of the biggest industries in the West Country and today it was named as the most dangerous - with safety regulations being regularly ignored.

Two people lost their lives last year here in the South West in farming accidents, but hundreds more suffered serious injuries.

Claire Manning has met one farmer who was badly injured when his trailer got caught on a power line.

Devon mine strikes gold for jobs

The site of the mine in Plympton, which is due to re-open later this year Credit: ITV News

An on-site laboratory at a tungsten mine in Devon has created 13 new jobs. The £130 million mine at Wolf Minerals in Plympton will be Britain's first metal mine for over 40 years.

When it opens at the end of summer it will employ another 200 people.

Miliband says he'll make the West Country rail service 'a priority'

Labour leader Ed Miliband told ITV News West Country that he will make investment in the regions transport infrastructure 'a priority'.

We recognise the priority in the South West has got to have in relation to rail. There are clearly big issues, not just because of what happened at Dawlish, but in terms of connectivity. I'm not coming here with a blank cheque - you wouldn't expect me to do so as we have to get the deficit down - but it is important to say we are going to make this a priority.

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader
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