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Protests continue as Hinkley decision nears

Protesters called for EDF to abandon the planned project Credit: PA

Campaigners opposed to the planned Hinkley C nuclear power station have continued their protests, as a final decision on the project by French energy company EDF draws near.

A small group of protesters gathered in King's Square in Bridgwater, Somerset, on Thursday, some carrying banners dubbing the project a "white elephant".

One placard read: "Hinkley C will be everyone's financial nightmare".

A small group of protesters gathered in King's Square in Bridgwater Credit: PA

Allan Jefferey, 64, spokesman for campaign group Stop Hinkley, called on EDF to withdraw from the project.

"I would like to urge EDF at their board meeting not to go ahead with what will be financial or commercial suicide," Mr Jefferey said.

"They should take a sensible step forward and go to non-polluting energy like the rest of the world."


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EDF board member resigns ahead of Hinkley Point vote

Protests have been taking place against the new plant. Credit: PA

An EDF board member has resigned ahead of a vote in which the Hinkley Point nuclear plant is expected to be approved.

Gerard Magnin, one of 18 board members, said the project is financially "risky" and will steer France further away from renewable energy sources.

In a resignation letter to chief executive Jean-Bernard Levy, seen by Reuters, Magnin said he was disappointed EDF's strategy was moving more and more towards nuclear power.

"I no longer want to support a strategy that I do not agree with," Magnin wrote.


EDF says it's still backing Hinkley C

Hinkley C will be built in the shadow of Hinkley B - if it gets the financial go-ahead Credit: PA

French energy company EDF has repeated its support for the new nuclear power station at Hinkley, even though a final investment decision for the £18 billion plant is still to be made.

French unions had expressed their concerns over the impact of the project.

EDF relies on sensitivity studies already communicated to staff representatives and considers this vote does not change the fundamentals of the project, nor the desire of players to engage in it.

– EDF statement

The director of Greenpeace comments that, in the wake of Brexit, it would be foolish to pursue the deal. He says the Government should be thinking in terms of renewable energy as a Plan B.

In the UK, Brexit is throwing up endless questions that no one knows the answers to over the future of the European energy market. It would be idiocy of the highest magnitude for the UK government in its current incarnation to sign this disastrous deal.

– John Sauven, director of Greenpeace
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