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Charging to visit Dartmoor: could it happen and would you pay?

There's been a warning that visitors could be charged to visit Dartmoor National Park if government spending cuts continue.

The national park's budget has been slashed by 40% during the past five years - and it has lost a quarter of its staff.

Chancellor George Osborne hasn't ruled out further cuts over the next four years.

I think it's the zero option, but everything has to be on the table at the moment. We have to see how much the public and government value their national parks.

These are the lungs of this country - we manage 10% of the UK landmass for less than 83p a year per person in the Uk. I think that's incredible value for money.

– Peter Harper, Dartmoor National Park
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Dairy farmers feel "completely undermined" by supermarkets

Farmers from across the region will be heading to Somerset later to take part in a national protest about milk prices.

It's follows protests in supermarkets across the region this week.

They say they'll be targeting sites in Bridgwater and Yeovil in a demonstration against the price supermarkets pay them for every pint.

Dairy farmers like James Badman argue that the falling prices mean they have no other option but to take peaceful action.

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Farmers issue grim warning about future prospects at North Devon Show

The North Devon Show at Umberleigh has always been an opportunity for the public to really get involved with the countryside.

But this year, farmers at the show have issued a warning about their future prospects, as milk prices continue to plummet in supermarkets.

One farmer told ITV News West Country that he doesn't know if he'll still be in the industry this time next year.

Jacquie Bird reports.

Farmers to protest in Somerset over milk prices

Farmers protest outside the Robert Wiseman processing plant in Bridgwater in 2012. Credit: ITV News West Country

Farmers from across the region will be taking part in a national protest tonight.

They say they will be taking peaceful action in Bridgwater and Yeovil.

The farmers are angry about the price supermarkets pay for their milk, which they say is not enough to live by.

They say they're losing money on every litre they produce.

Farmers call for more to be done on falling milk prices

Farmers in Devon have issued a grim warning about their future prospects. Credit: ITV West Country

Farmers in Devon have issued a grim warning about their future prospects as plummeting prices hit both dairy and meat producers.

The amount farmers are paid for their milk has dropped to 24 pence a litre. That's down from 34 pence a litre 18 months ago.

And the price they get for lamb has fallen by 10 pence a kilo in the last year.

Falling prices have led to calls for action today at the North Devon show.


North Devon Show opens its gates to the public

Best in show? Credit: ITV West Country

The gates have just opened for this year's North Devon Show.

With 25,000 people expected at the ground in Umberleigh near Barnstaple.

It's the largest one day agricultural show in the South West and includes a host of livestock classes as well as show jumping, a dog show and other attractions.

Fun and games for all the show ground. Credit: ITV West Country

Farmers continue protest in supermarkets over milk prices

A group of farmers have targeted a supermarket in Bideford in protest over milk prices.

A video, posted online, shows protestors removing all the milk from the shelves at Morrison's in the town.

It's the second video posted online in a matter of days, targeting Morrison's.

Over the weekend a number of supermarkets across Bristol were targeted, including one in Yate.

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