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Woodside Bridge on East Lyn near Lynmouth unsafe

The bridge has now been closed Credit: Exmoor National Park

Woodside Bridge on the East Lyn near Lynmouth has had to be closed following a recent inspection by Exmoor National Park Authority which has revealed it to be unsafe.

In the meantime, members of the public are advised to use the Tors Road footbridge as an alternative means of crossing the East Lyn.

Our main priority in the first instance was to stop people using the bridge and for safety reasons, we now plan to have it removed as soon as practically possible. We will then be looking into the options for replacing it.

– Dan Barnett, Exmoor National Park



Sheep rustling: advice for farmers

Following a dramatic rise in the number of incidents of sheep rustling in the region over the last fortnight, here are a few guidelines in keeping a flock safe from thieves.

Advice to farmers:

Make sure outbuildings and barns are secure. Credit: ITV News
  • ensure that your animals are tagged
  • boundaries and gates should be kept in good order and wherever possible locked
  • put something heavy in front of gates to make life harder for thieves
  • don’t leave trailers or anything that can be used to steal/transport the sheep
  • don’t leave keys in vehicles, even if they are in your yard
  • if you are keeping or rearing animals in barns or out-buildings, make sure that gates and doors are locked
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