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Sheep rustling: advice for farmers

Following a dramatic rise in the number of incidents of sheep rustling in the region over the last fortnight, here are a few guidelines in keeping a flock safe from thieves.

Advice to farmers:

Make sure outbuildings and barns are secure. Credit: ITV News
  • ensure that your animals are tagged
  • boundaries and gates should be kept in good order and wherever possible locked
  • put something heavy in front of gates to make life harder for thieves
  • don’t leave trailers or anything that can be used to steal/transport the sheep
  • don’t leave keys in vehicles, even if they are in your yard
  • if you are keeping or rearing animals in barns or out-buildings, make sure that gates and doors are locked


In search of the elusive Large Blue - Ken Goodwin goes hunting

Prince Charles is taken for a look around the reserve

Prince Charles visited a wildlife reserve yesterday looking for one of the rarest butterflies in the country.

The Large Blue became extinct in this country in the 1950s but it has been introduced to the Daneway Banks reserve, at Sapperton in Gloucestershire - where the Prince of Wales is patron.

Our Gloucestershire correspondent thought he'd try his luck at finding it...

If it's any consolation, Prince Charles never got to see one either.

But he did get to unveil a special plaque to commemorate his visit to the reserve, though like the butterfly we'd all been looking for, it took flight.

The plaque unveiled by Prince Charles

A hare-raising experience...

Check out this amazing footage showing a chance encounter with one of Britain's most beautiful - and normally shy - wild creatures.

It was captured by one of our own producers as she took a walk in the summer sunshine on the Somerset Levels.

Incredibly, after viewing it from afar the curious animal hopped up to do some investigation of its own, before making its way off into the distance.

Beach closed after unexploded shell found

A section of Weymouth beach was closed off today after metal detectorists discovered what was thought to be an unexploded bomb from the Second World war.

Weymouth shell Credit: Roger Evans

An Army Bomb disposal team examined the device and have taken it away. It was the head of an armour piercing shell which would not have exploded. The beach has now re-opened.

Close-up of Weymouth shell Credit: Roger Evans


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