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Vice-chancellor steps up her battle to get her job back

Wendy Purcell is battling to win her job back Credit: ITV Westcountry

Wendy Purcell, Plymouth University's vice-chancellor, has stepped up her legal battle to win her job back, with the case against her understood to include a complaint about her management style.

Professor Purcell is now being represented by a law firm that specialises in discrimination claims. She was suspended three months ago, but has since had her status changed to paid leave. Neither the university nor Professor Purcell has ever disclosed the charges against her.


Parents complain at school's lunchbox policy

Teachers at a primary school in North Devon are confiscating food from children's lunch boxes as part of a healthy eating scheme.

Governors at Caen Primary in Braunton insist it's their right to remove chocolate and crisps and certain types of fruit juice. It's part of a drive to improve the diet of their pupils but fifty parents have complained, including Fiona Moodie.

North Devon school confiscates food from lunchboxes

A plateful of the sort of food that would be confiscated from lunch boxes Credit: ITV News West Country

Teachers at Caen Primary school in Braunton in North Devon are confiscating unhealthy food from children's lunch boxes as part of a healthy eating initiative.

They insist it is their right to remove chocolate and crisps - and certain types of fruit juice - as part of their drive to improve the diet of their pupils - and make them aware of the importance of eating healthily.

The story has provoked a furious response on our Facebook page. Here are a couple of comments from viewers:

Caen Community School Credit: ITV News West Country

I think this is terrible , they should take into account what that child may be having for dinner when they get home , but over all it is the parents responsibility to ensure their child's diet is satisfactory . also what happens when the lunch is confiscated ? does the school then give that child a free lunch ? or do they go hungry for the rest of the day .... lets concentrate on the children at risk from other things , not what they eat at school unless its obvious that child isn't getting a well balanced diet , but even then there must be other ways of sorting this ... not by depriving that child of some form of food for the day !..

– Jackie from Camborne via Facebook

Do they replace what is confiscated with healthy or do the children go hungry?? Parents should supply a healthy lunch but surely children with full tummies are better than hungry children who's lunch has been confiscated!

– Alex Hall via Facebook

Wildlife training scheme wins £830,000 lottery grant

Wildlife skills trainees have a go at strimming Credit: Beth Aucott

A scheme that offers training in wildlife skills has won a £830,000 lottery grant.

The money will finance almost 50 placements with the region's Wildlife Trusts. The course includes formal qualifications and is aimed at providing young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities in the field of conservation.


"No blurred lines" campaign over student sex

The police campaign reflects the controversial "Blurred Lines" song by Robin Thicke Credit: PA

Police in Devon and Cornwall are starting a campaign targeting students and young people aimed at changing attitudes to sex offences.

The 'No Blurred Lines' campaign echoes the controversial 'blurred lines' song by Robin Thicke.

Its message is that people should be clear that sex without consent is rape. Students will be given wrist bands as part of the move.

Exeter to get 7500 freshers from 138 countries

More than 7500 new students are converging on Exeter this week - including people from 138 different nationalities.

As part of Freshers' Week a contingent of students travelled to Heathrow to meet international students and bring them back to Exeter University. The job now is to help them all to settle in.

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