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Statement from troubled Broomhayes autism school

The following is an extract from a statement published on the school's website:

A fall in child referrals and the ageing of those currently being cared for have seen Broomhayes change into a much more adult-focused service. As such, we are looking to continue developing a smaller and more focused service for young adults.

We acknowledge that there are considerable improvements to be made at Broomhayes, and we are committed to working with CQC and other stakeholders in order to provide the very best support we can to the people in our care.

– Statement on the Broomhayes School website


Teachers strike: protestors rally about pay changes

It's been a day of disruption for thousands of parents, but one of protest for teachers in the south west as strike action hit the region's schools.

It's meant many have been closed - forcing parents to take the day off work to look after their children.

The teachers are protesting about their pay, pensions and jobs.

But the Government has described it as 'bad for pupils and bad for parents'.

John Andrews reports.


Parents support "high-fiving" lollipop man

Parents of children at a Plymouth school have offered their support to a lollipop man who has quit after he was reprimanded for high-fiving school children.

Bob Slade resigned after Plymouth City Council threatened him with suspension over what they describe as "safety concerns."

Parents our reporter John Andrews spoke to outside Manadon Vale School say the whole situation is "ridiculous."

Exeter school's deaf-blind pupil care shortlisted for award

A Devon school has been shortlisted for a national award for the work it is doing with a deaf and blind pupil. Despite having very little vision or hearing, Chloe Ring goes to a mainstream school.

Her parents have been so impressed with how the school has nurtured Chloe, that they have nominated St Leonard's Primary School for a 'Partnership, Local Community of the Year Award'.

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