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Have your say: Should schools stagger their holidays?

Parliament is due to debate on parents taking their children on holiday during term-time.

MPs will discuss whether fines for unauthorised absence should be scrapped.

In the meantime ABTA, The Travel Association, is calling on schools to set their own holiday dates. It says this will bring prices down.

We would like to know what you think - have your say in our online poll.

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Court case against family who refused to pay holiday fine dropped

Emma & Joe Clarke took their children on holiday during the school term Credit: ITV News

A couple from Exeter who've been fighting against local council plans to fine them for taking their children on holiday during term time are tonight celebrating victory in their campaign.

Emma and Joe Clarke from Exeter have been told by Devon County Council that it will "offering no evidence" against them. The case was due to come back to court later in the month.

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