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Parents complain at school's lunchbox policy

Teachers at a primary school in North Devon are confiscating food from children's lunch boxes as part of a healthy eating scheme.

Governors at Caen Primary in Braunton insist it's their right to remove chocolate and crisps and certain types of fruit juice. It's part of a drive to improve the diet of their pupils but fifty parents have complained, including Fiona Moodie.


North Devon school confiscates food from lunchboxes

A plateful of the sort of food that would be confiscated from lunch boxes Credit: ITV News West Country

Teachers at Caen Primary school in Braunton in North Devon are confiscating unhealthy food from children's lunch boxes as part of a healthy eating initiative.

They insist it is their right to remove chocolate and crisps - and certain types of fruit juice - as part of their drive to improve the diet of their pupils - and make them aware of the importance of eating healthily.

The story has provoked a furious response on our Facebook page. Here are a couple of comments from viewers:

Caen Community School Credit: ITV News West Country

I think this is terrible , they should take into account what that child may be having for dinner when they get home , but over all it is the parents responsibility to ensure their child's diet is satisfactory . also what happens when the lunch is confiscated ? does the school then give that child a free lunch ? or do they go hungry for the rest of the day .... lets concentrate on the children at risk from other things , not what they eat at school unless its obvious that child isn't getting a well balanced diet , but even then there must be other ways of sorting this ... not by depriving that child of some form of food for the day !..

– Jackie from Camborne via Facebook

Do they replace what is confiscated with healthy or do the children go hungry?? Parents should supply a healthy lunch but surely children with full tummies are better than hungry children who's lunch has been confiscated!

– Alex Hall via Facebook

Derriford Hospital praised for its cancer treatment

The new cancer ward at Derriford Hospital Credit: ITV Westcountry

Almost 9/10 people who receive cancer treatment at Derriford Hospital rate their care as excellent or good.

The figures come from a national survey of patients. 88% of people at the hospital in Plymouth say they are very satisfied with their care.

The UGI cancer and Urological cancer teams were rated in the top 20% of all Trusts, scoring 94%.

Hospital trust Chief Executive is to retire

Lezli Boswell is to retire in November Credit: ITV Westcountry

The Chief Executive of Royal Cornwall Hospital's NHS Trust has announced she is to retire.

Lezli Boswell, who has held the position in Cornwall for more than eight years, confirmed she will leave the post by November. In a statement she thanked colleagues for their support and dedication to their work.

Derriford Hospital to get a new helipad

The Air Ambulance will be able to use the new helipad at Derriford Credit: Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Derriford Hospital will have a new helipad in operation by next summer. Funding of just under £2m has been agreed to build the new helipad close to the Emergency Department entrance.

The helipad will be able to receive Search and Rescue helicopters as well as the night flights which Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulances will soon be running.


Teenage pregnancies decline in Cornwall

Teenage pregnancies show significant decline in Cornwall Credit: ITV News West Country

The average rate of teenage pregnancies in Cornwall has fallen significantly according to new figures from the Office of National Statistics.

There are now 24.6 conceptions per 1,000 women aged under 18 . This is down from 27.9 in the previous year and is now below the national average of 25.8 throughout England and Wales

Its fantastic that Cornwall continues to see a decline in its rates of teenage pregnancy. Good partnerships work and continued commitment to providing a range of contraceptive and sexual health services to young people have been effective in supporting young people to make healthy choices.

– Louise Sweeney, Teenage Pregnancy & Sexual Health Coordinator

Police 'tweetathon' to show scale of alcohol problem

Police in Devon and Cornwall will be taking to social media tonight in an attempt to show the extent of alcohol-related incidents they deal with.

Beginning at 8pm and continuing until 2am, the 'tweetathon' on Twitter will also include advice for people affected by alcohol-related crime. It's estimated that 40% of calls to police during the evening and at night are to report alcohol-related incidents.

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Devastation to triumph: Family's meningitis journey

It's an illness that leaves many parents terrified but, despite years of publicity, it seems the early signs of meningitis can still be difficult to spot.

Lydia Cross from Braunton in North Devon lost both her legs to the disease - her sister Millie survived unscathed. The whole family have now become ambassadors for the Meningitis Research Foundation. The video above tells their story over the past 12 years.

Suspected meningitis should be treated as a medical emergency. Here are the early signs to look out for:

  • a fever, with cold hands and feet
  • vomiting
  • drowsiness and difficulty waking up
  • confusion and irritability
  • severe muscle pain
  • pale, blotchy skin, and a distinctive rash (although not everyone will have this)
  • a severe headache
  • stiff neck
  • sensitivity to light (photophobia)
  • convulsion or seizures

For more information, visit the NHS's meningitis information pages.

Devon councillor fights proposals to cut hospital beds

A Devon County Councillor has expressed her concerns following the announcement that health services in the county are to be reviewed.

Devon County's Clinical Commissioning Group has published a document which could mean the loss of some beds in Ottery St Mary and Axminster. A consultation period is now underway.

Councillor Claire Wright says she will be taking it up with a committee looking at the decision.

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