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Teen with severe cerebral palsy sails into Plymouth

Natasha Lambert sailing her yacht, Miss Isle
Natasha Lambert sailing her yacht, Miss Isle Credit: ITV West Country

17-year-old Natasha Lambert has already sailed the channel, and is now sailing from the Isle of Wight to South Wales. Her dad, Gary, was an electrician. He taught himself sailing and electronics to convert the 21ft yacht, 'Miss Isle', for his daughter.

Natasha's sailing coach is onboard, but only as a passenger. He only steps in to reef the sails when it gets too blowy.

Her sailing is just fine actually, we've made it here so that shows it must be good enough. I will admit I take every opportunity to add a little bit of value if I can, a bit of coaching, and see if we can improve what she's doing while we're out on the water. But at the same time we're making passages, clocking up miles so there's an element of relaxing into to it, looking at the scenery and making sure the boat is ticking over.

– Phil Devereux, sailing coach

Natasha discovered a passion for sailing on a visit to the Calvert Trust. She's raising money for the RNLI, the Royal Yacht Association Trust, and round-the-world record breaker Ellen MacArthur's Cancer Trust.

Two hospitalised from same Devon care home due to heat

Elderly warned to drink more in the heat
Elderly warned to drink more in the heat Credit: Bluebird Care

The warm weather of the last few weeks has been welcomed by many - but not by all. GP surgeries and hospitals are reporting an increase in pensioners visiting them with heat related illnesses.

In the last week alone two women were hospitalised from the same care home in Budleigh Salterton. Now we're all being asked to keep an eye on elderly members of our communities who are most in danger of suffering because of the heat.


Middle-aged drinkers twice as likely to develop memory problems

Middle-aged drinkers are twice as likely to develop memory problems
Middle-aged drinkers are twice as likely to develop memory problems Credit: Johnny Green/PA

According to Exeter University research, middle-aged people who drink heavily are twice as likely to suffer from memory loss later in life.

The study found that those with a history of problem drinking have a higher risk of developing dementia and other severe memory problems.

Mother, whose daughter died from mad cow disease criticises report

Claire McVey died from CJD at 15 years-old
Claire McVey died from CJD at 15 years-old Credit: ITV News West Country

The mother of a girl from North Devon who died after being treated for the human form of mad cow disease has welcomed a new report criticising the Government's approach to variant CJD. Annie McVey's daughter Claire died at the age of fifteen. A report by a committee of MPs says there is still a risk of the disease being transmitted by blood transfusion and during surgery and warns the Government has developed a casual attitude to the illness.


Two sisters race days after their father's funeral

It's always a very emotional and popular event and this year was no different - thousands of people took part in Exeter's Race for Life yesterday, including two young sisters whose story sums up the spirit of the day.

Chloe and Molly Dundes only went to their father's funeral last Friday and their mother is also battling cancer. Yesterday they joined thousands of others, all running for their own very special reasons.

Woman airlifted to hospital after allergic reaction to weever fish sting

A woman had to be airlifted to hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to a weever fish sting at a beach in Cornwall.

The 20 year old woman collapsed after stepping onto the venomous spikes of the animal whilst paddling at Gyllyngvase beach in Falmouth this weekend. She was then was airlifted to Royal Cornwall Hospital. Although the animals are common in the area, allergic reactions to it are rare.

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