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Unusual ice bucket challenge for leukaemia sufferer

A West Country woman has taken the ice bucket challenge to another level Julie Templeton-Murray decided against using your average ten gallon bucket.

She chose the biggest and widest bucket she could find - the one on a digger. Eighteen months ago she was diagnosed with a rare and terminal cancer of the blood, and she carried out the challenge wanted to raise money for the Exeter Leukaemia Fund.

Researchers in Devon join forces to beat dementia

Dementia researchers in Exeter and Plymouth have been brought together in a new bid to beat dementia.

Alzheimer's Research UK is donating £50,000 over ther next two years to create a centre of excellence. The investment is part of the charity's £100m Defeat Dementia fundraising campaign.


Devon health unit has worst hospital food in country

A psychiatric unit near Plymouth has the worst hospital food in the country.

That's according to a survey by the Department of Health and Age UK. It says the 12 bed centre at Lee Mill scored just 35% for patient satisfaction.

But Plymouth Community Healthcare, which runs the unit, says the survey was done at lunchtime when residents prepare their own meals as part of their therapy.

Chairman of Age UK, Dianne Jeffrey says good food is essential to patients' recovery...

New food standards for the region's hospitals

Hospital food is set to improve Credit: PA

Hospitals across the West will be expected to comply with new food standards, the government has announced.

A report by the Hospital Food Standards Panel, led by Dianne Jeffrey, Chairman of Age UK, is recommending five legally-binding food standards for the NHS, which has worked with royal colleges and nutritional experts to come up with the new rules.

1 in 10 parents skip meals to feed their children

Gillian, a single mother of three, says she's grateful for donations from the Exeter Food Bank, without which she says her family could be forced out of their home.

The charity Shelter claims that more than a third of working parents are cutting back on food spending to cope with increasing housing costs. With 1 in 10 even skipping meals.

What we need to see the Government do is make sure the safety net is strong, so if people lose their jobs, or their income falls off a cliff they don't lose their homes straight away, and can take that chance to get back on their feet.

– Shelter


Devon's air ambulance aims for night flights

They're the lifesavers that currently only operate in the daytime. The Devon Air Ambulance service responds to emergencies within minutes - but their two helicopters are currently NOT allowed to fly at night.

That could mean no rescues are possible after four o'clock in the winter.

The charity that runs the service wants to extend its flying hours - but it needs to raise a million pounds to fund it.

Richard Lawrence reports:

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