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Young people from across Devon protest at County Hall

Young people protest at Devon County Council budget cuts Credit: ITV Westcountry

Youngsters concerned about cuts to council budgets which may affect youth services have been protesting at County Hall in Exeter.

They've also been joined by anti badger culling protesters who have also gathered over the culling on council owned land.

Protesters gather at County Hall, Exeter Credit: ITV Westcountry


Bishops' welfare letter: Your comments

The following are a selection of viewers' comments taken from the ITV West Country Facebook page.

If you went through the last war and survived during the fifties when there was a real food shortage then you'd know what it was really like. People today throw away so much food that can be used.

– Alan Cottrell

Always find it funny how religious leaders are always answering questions nobody was asking of them. When they are properly elected government officials they can make demands. Until then, their opinions carry no more weight than yours or mine. However, as leaders of such large organisations, if they want to take the responsibility of helping out and giving money and/or services for charitable purposes (as you or I could equally do if we had the time or money), then that would be very commendable.

– Ian Lovell

I am nearly 60, so was brought up in a home without central heating, knew what it was to survive off jam sandwiches if Dad's pay did not stretch to a whole week, did not have any luxury goods at all. I feel less inclined to have sympathy when people buy beer and cigarettes before food and then go down the food banks for their groceries. Welfare was set up surely as a safety net rather than a way of life. I am really sorry for genuine cases who are struggling, but [...] it does not help when headlines show families on welfare getting five times my income and I still work to support myself.

– Yvon Abbott
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