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Corbyn says wages in Devon and Cornwall have to rise

The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been in the South West today talking to the party's regional conference.

He spoke about last night's United Nation's resolution on Islamic State and about the need to improve pay and infrastructure in the region.

Labour Party membership is up a staggering 14,000 since Jeremy Corbyn became party leader. He was here to tell those supporters what needs to be done in the South West. he said Labour was the anti-austerity party, and argued wages had to rise - especially in Devon and Cornwall.


Exeter MP: Jeremy Corbyn has 'never had to make a difficult decision'

Exeter's Labour MP Ben Bradshaw has made his strongest attack so far on the party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Asked by Ian Axton about Mr Corbyn's opposition to airstrikes on Syria, Mr Bradshaw described the leader as being on a learning curve and "never having had to make a difficult decision".

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It's after Mr Corbyn said he was “not happy” that armed officers and special forces had an order to kill extremists.

In response Mr Bradshaw tweeted: “Please tell me it’s not true Jeremy has said that faced with Kalashnikov wielding genocidal fascists our security forces should not shoot.”

The tweet has since been removed.
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