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Another woman bishop for the West Country

Karen Gorham will be consecrated as Bishop of Sherborne on 24 February 2016 Credit: Diocese of Salisbury

The 36th Bishop of Sherborne is to be the current Archdeacon of Buckingham, Karen Gorham.

She started serving God early - helping sharpen pencils in Sunday School - and worked as an administrator before going on to train for the ministry at Trinity College Bristol.

Ven Gorham will be consecrated at Salisbury Cathedral on 24 February, 2016, and will have responsibility for the parishes in Dorset.

I am also keen to get to know those who live in the conurbations, seaside towns, highways and byways of Dorset who might be seeking and searching, in need of support or help, to see where we as Christians can make connections, to ensure that God’s love, hope and grace is shared abundantly.

In the wider diocese I will have responsibility for lay ministry and chaplains, two areas vital to the Church’s ministry in the 21st century, and I also look forward to seeing how that work can continue to thrive through support, encouragement and training.

– Karen Gorham

First female Bishop of Taunton officially consecrated

Ruth Worsley is the first female Bishop of Taunton Credit: CofE

The first female Bishop of Taunton will be officially consecrated in a service at St Paul's Cathedral at 11am this morning.

Ruth Worsley was previously Archdeacon of Wiltshire.

She will be formally installed in her new post in a ceremony at Wells Cathedral on at 2pm on Saturday 3 October, which will be open to all.


'Sign a slate' appeal for Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral has begun a £3.2 million appeal to repair its roof. The Cathedral is asking for people to 'Sign a Slate'. Sixty thousand of them are needed to restore the roof and each one will record the donor's name. for the hundred years or more the restored roof should last. The Cathedral already has a Government grant of half a million pounds towards the project. The work is expected to take five years.

Truro Cathedral begins appeal to repair it's roof Credit: ITV News

It is people that form the heart of the cathedral and so it was very important to us to find a way for everyone to get involved and feel part of this important restoration project.

– Dean of Truro, the Very Reverend Roger Bush
People can sponsor and sign the new slates Credit: John Freddy Jones

Devon's first woman bishop to be consecrated by Archbishop of Canterbury

Dame Sarah will be consecrated in Canterbury Cathedral. Credit: ITV News

Devon's will have its first ever woman bishop consecrated today by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dame Sarah Mullally is the fourth woman bishop to be appointed by the Church of England and the first in Devon and Cornwall.

Exeter Cathedral will be holding a special welcome service for Bishop Sarah on 12th September 2015, the day before she officially starts her new role.

Beating the heat when you can't eat: Heatwave hits Ramadan

Muslims spend Ramadan fasting and giving more money to charity. Credit: ITV News

The recent hot weather has coincided with Islam's holiest month of Ramadan, and Muslims across the region are spending daylight hours fasting.

People will also spend the month giving extra money to charity and praying more often.

Barnstaple restaurant owner Ashraf Shah invited us to see the end of the day's fasting - and gave us an insight into how to beat the heat when you can't eat.


What does Christmas mean to you?

You have told us that Christmas means more than presents Credit: PA

Many of you have been getting in touch to share what Christmas means to you.

For some the religious significance is the important thing, while for others it's the food, the family or the day off work. Many of you are reflecting on what's important to you.

Here is a selection of your thoughts.

This year is about me thanking a special person for donating their liver, and to their family who must miss her very much, I'm so grateful.

– Tracy Naughton, Yeovil

Christmas to me means a lot, it celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus. Christmas is also the time of year to spend time with friends and family. Christmas is superb.

– Stephen Snell, Padstow, Cornwall

To me it doesn't mean presents or breaking the bank. To me it means spending time with your family, watching Christmassy things on the telly, playing board games, eating food and drinking wine.

There are so many people that say "Christmas is expensive". It's only expensive if you make it expensive.

– Cherri-Rose Elliott, Penzance, Cornwall

I'm not religious and to me it's just another extra Sunday roast.

Spending this Xmas on my own in Budapest as my partner is working in England for a year, but I still have my friends for company.

Happy Xmas.

– Marcus Miller, former Bath resident

A long overdue rest.

– Graham Gravy Burt, Falmouth, Cornwall
For many of you, Christmas is all about family Credit: PA
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