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Beating the heat when you can't eat: Heatwave hits Ramadan

Muslims spend Ramadan fasting and giving more money to charity. Credit: ITV News

The recent hot weather has coincided with Islam's holiest month of Ramadan, and Muslims across the region are spending daylight hours fasting.

People will also spend the month giving extra money to charity and praying more often.

Barnstaple restaurant owner Ashraf Shah invited us to see the end of the day's fasting - and gave us an insight into how to beat the heat when you can't eat.


What does Christmas mean to you?

You have told us that Christmas means more than presents Credit: PA

Many of you have been getting in touch to share what Christmas means to you.

For some the religious significance is the important thing, while for others it's the food, the family or the day off work. Many of you are reflecting on what's important to you.

Here is a selection of your thoughts.

This year is about me thanking a special person for donating their liver, and to their family who must miss her very much, I'm so grateful.

– Tracy Naughton, Yeovil

Christmas to me means a lot, it celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus. Christmas is also the time of year to spend time with friends and family. Christmas is superb.

– Stephen Snell, Padstow, Cornwall

To me it doesn't mean presents or breaking the bank. To me it means spending time with your family, watching Christmassy things on the telly, playing board games, eating food and drinking wine.

There are so many people that say "Christmas is expensive". It's only expensive if you make it expensive.

– Cherri-Rose Elliott, Penzance, Cornwall

I'm not religious and to me it's just another extra Sunday roast.

Spending this Xmas on my own in Budapest as my partner is working in England for a year, but I still have my friends for company.

Happy Xmas.

– Marcus Miller, former Bath resident

A long overdue rest.

– Graham Gravy Burt, Falmouth, Cornwall
For many of you, Christmas is all about family Credit: PA


Truro Cathedral auditions for its first girl choristers

Truro Cathedral will admit girl choristers for the first time in its history.

Applications are now open for 20 girls to join the choir, who will start in September 2015. The auditions will take place in November and January and are open to all currently in years 7 to 12 at any school.

The girls will be educated at Truro School, and means-tested bursaries are available.

For more information, visit the Cathedral's website.

Canterbury Cathedral admitted girl choristers for the first tine this year. Credit: PA

Hindu festival taking place in Plymouth

The Rathayatra Chariot Festival is an annual Hindu event. Credit: ITV News West Country

The Rathayatra Chariot Festival is taking place in Plymouth city centre.

The annual Hindu event, which celebrates the Lord Krishna, starts with a chariot procession from the Piazza to the Big Screen.

A chariot procession will run from the Piazza to the Big Screen. Credit: ITV News / Bob Cruwys
The procession is underway in Plymouth city centre. Credit: ITV News / Bob Cruwys
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