Raccoon's Euro Prediction

A raccoon at Bristol Zoo is attempting to correctly predict the result of England's Euro clash against Sweden tonight

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Rocky the Raccoon predicts a draw

Rocky the raccoon thinks England will draw against Ukraine Credit: ITV West

A raccoon from Bristol Zoo has predicted the outcome of England's Euro clash against Ukraine tonight - he thinks it'll be a draw. Rocky correctly predicted that England would beat Sweden in Friday's match but failed to correctly guess the outcome of England's match against France.


Rocky gets it right

Rocky the raccoon picked England to win Credit: ITV West

As England triumphed 3-2 over Sweden, keepers at Bristol Zoo must have been breathing a sigh of relief. Their star raccoon Rocky correctly picked food from a bin indicating England would win. Whether he's psychic remains to be seen but we're all hoping England's success continues during Euro 2012

Can Rocky the raccoon get Euro result right?

A 'psychic' raccoon from Bristol Zoo has no excuses for not getting the result of England's Euro clash with Sweden tonight correct. His keepers say he was unable to successfully guess England's last match against France because he was not given the option of 'a draw'.

We all had our fingers crossed for the first England match, but we only gave Rocky the choice between England or France winning – we didn’t offer him the option of ‘a draw’. So this time we’ve taken no chances! Once again Rocky has selected England to win in a completely fair test, so we are all hopeful that England will be victorious in tonight’s Group D clash in Kiev, and that Rocky will prove right!

– Rob Goodchild, Zoo Keeper

It would seem Rocky has a lot of confidence in the England squad after first predicting them to win against France and now Sweden.


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