Right-to-Die Appeal

A judgement is expected at the High Court today on a Wiltshire man's right-to-die appeal. Tony Nicklinson from Melksham has suffered from locked-in syndrome since having a stroke 2005.

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Funeral to be held for Tony Nicklinson

Tony Nicklinson campaigned for changes to the law that would allow people the 'right to die'. Credit: Family photo

A private family funeral will be held for Tony Nicklinson today.

Mr Nicklinson, who campaigned for changes to the legal system to allow people 'right to die', passed away last week at home in Melksham shortly after losing his high court battle to have a doctor end his life without prosecution.

Mr Nicklinson had lived with locked-in syndrome since having a stroke in 2005.

Paralysed Wiltshire man loses 'right-to-die' case

A man from Wiltshire paralysed from the neck down has lost his so-called 'right-to-die' case. Tony Nicklinson from Melksham suffers from what is known as locked in syndrome, following a near-fatal stroke.

He wanted judges to allow his doctors to help him die - without fear of them being prosecuted. But today he was told his pioneering legal action had failed. He's vowed to appeal that decision. Our Wiltshire reporter Robert Murphy was there when he heard the news.

Tony Nicklinson daughter: dad is condemned "to a couple more years of suffering"

Speaking in an interview with our reporter Rob Murphy, Tony Nicklinson's daughter, Lauren, has said her father losing his right-to-die appeal has only extended his suffering.

My Dad's been condemned to a couple more years' suffering than he would have had. If there is no (legal way) we can do this, the only way he can take is life without putting anyone else in the firing line is starvation....and it will be painful for him, it will take months and he will waste away - all the while, me Mum and Beth will have to watch him.

– Lauren Nicklinson


Tony Nicklinson: Judges decision means more "misery and mental anguish"

Tony Nicklinson has given a statement via his Twitter account - @TonyNicklinson - following the decision at the High Court against his right-to-die appeal.

Mr. Nicklinson wants a doctor to be able to take his life without fear of prosecution.

It's not the result I was hoping for but it isn't entirely unexpected. Judges, like politicians, are happiest when they can avoid confronting the real issues and this judgement is not an exception to the rule. I believe the legal team acting on my behalf is prepared to go all the way with this but unfortunately for me it means yet another period of physical discomfort, misery and mental anguish while we find out who controls my life - me or the state

– Tony Nicklinson on Twitter @TonyNicklinson

Wiltshire man loses right-to-die case

Tony Nicklinson from Melksham in Wiltshire has lost his high court battle to end his life when he chooses with the help of a doctor.

The judges unanimously agreed that "voluntary euthanasia is murder, however understandable the motives may be."

Mr Nicklinson has suffered from 'locked-in' syndrome since he had a stroke in 2005. A second sufferer of the syndrome, who cannot be identified, has also lost his legal challenge.

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