Exeter Head Pay Scandal

A pay scandal that cost the jobs of an Exeter headteacher and his wife, who was also the deputy head has now been revealed in full after an inquiry.

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West Exe College pay scandal: full report

The financial management of Exeter's largest school has been heavily criticised in a report.

The headteacher of West Exe College, earned £152,000 pounds a year, amost three times the average head's salary.

The pay scandal cost him his job - and that of his wife - she was the deputy head. An investigation has found evidence of excessive pay and a culture of secrecy.

Our Exeter correspondent Seth Conway reports.

Chair of Governors blew the whistle on pay scandal

Chair of Governors Peter Scott Credit: ITV Westcountry

Chair of Governors Peter Scott has spoken to The West Country Tonight after publication of the auditor's report into the failings at West Exe Technology College.

Mr Scott blew the whistle on the way the school was being governed that led to the resignation of the headteacher and his wife who was the deputy head.

"When we discovered what all the salaries were, clearly I was very concerned and we needed to take some action."

"The difficulty was the full governing body has a corporate responsibility for the school not always had a full picture as to what was going on."


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