Supersonic Car Test

Newquay is preparing to play host to the testing of the Bloodhound - a supercar aiming to set the world land speed record. It takes place tomorrow at the airport.

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  1. Steve Hardy

Full report: supersonic car fired up in Newquay

Cornwall was the focus of an engineering breakthrough today as tests took place on one of the biggest rockets ever made in Britain.

The rocket will be used to power the Bloodhound car in the hope it'll break the world land speed record, travelling at more than 1,000 miles per hour. Despite today's success, there were some nervous moments before it was fired at Newquay Airport.


Bloodhound test their rocket

Engineers from Bristol are making a landmark test today of the rocket they hope will power a car that'll break the land speed record. Those behind the Bloodhound Supersonic Car hope it will eventually reach four-figure speeds. The test is taking place in a hangar in Newquay.

Read more about the Bloodhound testing here.


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