Legal defeat in 'Right to die'

High Court judges have refused permission for the case of Tony Nicklinson, who fought for the right to die, to go to the Court of Appeal.

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Jane Nicklinson told she can't continue 'Right to die' fight

High Court judges have told the widow of right-to-die campaigner Tony Nicklinson that she cannot continue with his legal fight. But Jane Nicklinson from Melksham, has vowed to appeal that decision. Tony Nicklinson was paralysed from the neck down and couldn't talk after a near-fatal stroke in 2005.

He wanted a doctor to be given the right to help him commit suicide without being exposed to charges of murder. But Mr Nicklinson died of natural causes earlier this year. Jane Nicklinson said she would continue his fight, but now judges have refused her permission to go to the Court of Appeal.

They said they did "not consider that the proposed appeal has any real prospect of success". She describes this development as 'a setback' but says she's determined to fight on.

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