Protest at Hinkley Point

Protesters against the controversial proposed Hinkley C power station in Somerset have held a weekend of demonstrations.

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Protesters gearing up for mass trespass

Anti-nuclear campaigners gathered in Bridgwater on Saturday to protest against the proposed Hinkley C nuclear power station. Credit: ITV Westcountry

People protesting against plans to build a new nuclear power plant in Somerset are preparing to scale the fences of the proposed site.

After a weekend of action campaigners are planning a 'mass trespass' on the land earmarked for the Hinkley C station this morning.

Full permission to build the plant is still yet to be granted. The company behind the proposal, EDF Energy, say they have the support of the majority of local people.


Protesters gear up for mass trespass

Protesters from across the country are gathering in Somerset as part of a weekend of demonstrations against a planned nuclear power station.

Hundreds are expected to assemble in Kings Square, Bridgwater this afternoon where protesters will march through the town.

The procession comes ahead of a planned 'mass trespass' at the site of the Hinkley C power plant on Monday. Demonstrators are expected to scale the fences, and a camp has already started to form at North Wick Moor.

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance expects there will be a number of arrests.

Protest begins at Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive

Protesters against the controversial proposed Hinkley C power station in Somerset have set up camp ahead of a weekend of demonstrations.

People began to arrive at the camp on North Wick Moor from 2 o'clock this morning.

A march and rally is planned in Bridgwater tomorrow, followed by a "mass trespass" at the proposed Hinkley C development site on Monday.

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