Baby Death at Bristol Hospital

A premature baby has died at Southmead Hospital and a number of others have been given treatment following an outbreak of a water-borne bacteria at the hospital.

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Full inquest to be held after hospital baby death

Bacteria found in Southmead Hospital's water system contributed to the death of Oliver Hannan. Credit: ITV West

The Avon coroner has confirmed a full inquest will be held into the death of a baby at Southmead Hospital near Bristol.

Oliver Hannan, who was born three months premature, died in the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital in August.

A contributing factor to his death was a bacterial infection contracted from the hospital's water system.

12 other babies also tested positive for the bacteria. Today 3 are still being treated in isolation at the hospital and the exact source of the infection is still being investigated.

Superbug parents may sue

The baby survived for just eight days at Southmead Hospital Credit: ITV News

The parents of a premature baby who died following an outbreak of a killer superbug are considering taking legal action against the Bristol hospital where he contracted it.

Andrew and Jenna Hannon said they had spoken to lawyers after their son Oliver died from pseudomonas at Southmead Hospital.


Access to premature baby unit restricted

Access to a premature baby unit at Bristol's Southmead Hospital remains restricted today following confirmation of the death of a child.

It's been confirmed that the pseudomonas bacteria contributed to the death in August.

During tests another 12 babies were found to have the infection on their skin. Of those, one was found to be infected but was allowed home after treatment.

Three remain in the unit in isolation while a further eight were discharged after being given the all-clear.

It's understood the baby which died was 24 weeks old. It's identity has not been released.

The babies currently in the unit are there because they are poorly, having been born prematurely, not because of the pseudomonas virus.

We have increased the levels of screening of the babies and cleaning of the unit and that level will remain until we are completely confident this issue has been resolved.

– North Bristol NHS Trust spokesperson

Health Protection Agency providing support to North Bristol NHS Trust

The HPA has provided advice to the trust on measures to reduce the risk to other babies in the unit and we will continue to work with the trust to monitor the situation until confident that the risk has been minimised.

"The infection can be treated effectively with antibiotics, especially if treatment is started immediately after confirming the diagnosis."

– Dr Mark Evans, Health Protection Agency


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Hospital reviewing water supply following outbreak

A water-borne bacteria called pseudomonas has been found in the neonatal intensive care unit at Southmead hospital. The hospital says it has taken a number of measures to minimise the risk to patients, staff and visitors.

Babies are being washed in sterile water and the tap water is being filtered to ensure that any pseudomonas bacteria is removed.

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