Young Carers Speak Out

A DVD is being launched, which features young carers talking frankly about their experiences.

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Young carers create a self-help film

There are thousands of children across the region who are looking after someone in their family. A DVD has just been launched recognizing their sacrifice.

According to Carers UK there are around 30 young people in every school in the south west who are young carers. Their average age is just 12.

It's estimated that 1 in 5 of these young carers will miss some of their schooling.

The film has been made by young carers themselves in the hope that it will help people understand the difficulties they face every day. You can watch it by clicking here and selecting the video link.

You can also see Eli-Louise Wringe's report here.

You can find out more information about being a young carer here.

DVD is launched featuring young carers

A new DVD featuring young carers talking frankly about their experiences has been launched. They talk about their everyday life caring for relatives, about the things they find most difficult and how teachers and health professionals can make a difference. Young carers are children and young people

They often look after someone in their family who has a disability, a long-term illness, or is affected by mental ill health. Young carers may look after parents, or other relative. The average age of a young carer is 12 and many take on responsibilities normally only expected of an adult.


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