Police Sergeant To Be Reinstated

A police sergeant sacked despite being cleared of assaulting a woman in a custody suite has to be given back his job after Wiltshire Police lost a judicial review.

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Sergeant who dragged woman across floor is reinstated

A Policeman who was sacked after he was accused of throwing a woman head first on to a concrete floor will keep his job - even though his employers want to get rid of him.

Wiltshire Police were told today that they can't launch an appeal against a decision forcing them to reinstate Sergeant Mark Andrews.

An internal hearing had described his behaviour as "well below the standards expected" when he dragged Pamela Somerville across the floor of a Police station in Melksham in 2008.

Statement from the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police

The Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police has released this statement following the news that the force was unsuccessful in seeking a judicial review in the Mark Andrews case:

This has been a lengthy legal process, but one which we believe was necessary and right to follow.

I do not believe it would be reasonable or proportionate to seek any further legal appeal.

To that end, I will now enter into discussions with Mark Andrews and his representatives in relation to his integration back into Wiltshire Police as a warranted police officer.

The Police appeals Tribunal accepted that Mark Andrews’ actions were intolerant and discreditable and I felt they were a disgrace - there was no place in Wiltshire Police for this behaviour then nor is there now.

While I believe the Police Discipline Panel’s decision to dismiss Mark Andrews was correct, I accept the legal Authority which states he must be reinstated.

I will always expect my Police Officers and staff to uphold the highest standards of behaviour and the actions the force took against Mark Andrews were right and proper to ensure the professionalism and integrity of the Force was upheld.

But now is the time to move on, look forward and accept the lessons learned.

– Pat Geenty, Chief Constable, Wiltshire Police


Wiltshire Police reaction to judicial review decision

Sgt. Andrews was jailed in September 2010 for causing actual bodily harm after CCTV footage captured Pamela Somerville being dragged across the floor of Melksham police station and being thrown on to the floor of a cell in July 2008.

He spent six days in prison before being bailed when a appeal was launched and his conviction was quashed.

Despite the conviction being overturned Wiltshire Police sacked the officer, saying that, while not criminal, his behaviour had fallen "well below the standards expected".

Wiltshire Police then asked the High Court to overturn the decision of the Independent Police Appeals Tribunal which on December 2011 ordered the force to reinstate Sgt Andrews to his £36,000-a-year job and award him back pay.

But today the application for a judicial review was refused.

Wiltshire Police has today been informed that it has not been successful in seeking a judicial review in the Mark Andrews case.

Wiltshire Police would like to point out that the written judgement levels some criticism at the Chief Constable.

It is important to note that this refers to previous Chief Constable Brian Moore and not current Chief Constable Pat Geenty.

– Wiltshire Police spokesman

Sacked police sergeant to be given job back

A police sergeant sacked despite being cleared of assaulting a woman in a custody suite has to be given back his job after his employers lost a judicial review.

Wiltshire Police sacked Sergeant Mark Andrews after a disciplinary hearing into a woman being injured after being arrested for suspected drink driving in 2008.

The sacking from his £36,000 a year job came after his conviction and six month prison sentence for assaulting Pamela Somerville was quashed.

He challenged the sacking and won which would have forced Wiltshire Police to re-employ him. The police force asked for a judicial review of that decision but the application has been refused.

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