Gloucestershire Flooding

Gloucestershire is the latest area to be hit by flooding.

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Hay winched down to stranded horses

The stranded horses now have food. Credit: ITV West

Several horses stranded in fields surrounded by floodwater in Gloucester now have food.

Bales of hay were winched down to the animals from the Over Causeway.

Local RSPCA officers Lee Hopgood and Rachel Hayward have been dealing with dozens of flood related calls. They say the couple who own the horses have only just rented the land and were not aware it flooded so extensively.

Horses stranded by floods in Gloucester

Several horses are stranded in Gloucester due to flooded fields.

The fire service are currently in the process of delivering food to them. As a result, one lane is currently closed on the Over Causeway.

Our Gloucestershire correspondent Ken Goodwin is there and has sent the following photos:

One lane is currently closed on the Over Causeway in Gloucester to allow fire crews to drop food to stranded horses. Credit: ITV West
Preparing to winch hay down to the horses cut off by the floods. Credit: ITV West
Lowering bales of hay from the Over Causeway to a farm cut off by the floods. Credit: ITV West
The view from the Over Causeway. Credit: ITV West
The stranded horses have now got food. Credit: ITV West


Sandbags remain available for vulnerable properties

David Boazman looks out of the window of his flooded pub, The White Bear, in Tewkesbury. Credit: David Davies / PA Wire

Tewkesbury Borough Council is continuing to make sandbags available to residents.

Many areas have been affected by flooding in Tewkesbury Borough, particularly in places such as Tewkesbury, Tirley, Sandhurst, Longford and Maisemore.

The council has provided more than 4000 sandbags to help protect residents’ homes, with special pick up locations being set up in Longford, Twigworth and Maisemore, as well as at the council offices in Tewkesbury.

Officers from the council have also been making visits to vulnerable properties in the area to make sure they are appropriately prepared and to advise them that a rest centre, which has been set up as a precautionary measure, is available if needed.


Flooding in Maisemore

Flooding in Maisemore. Credit: ITV West

Our Gloucestershire correspondent Ken Goodwin has taken this picture of the flooding situation in Maisemore in Gloucestershire.

A number of residents have been rescued from flooded properties.

Residents of these homes had to be rescued from rising flood water. Credit: ITV West
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