200 marathons across Canada

A man from Gloucester who cycled half way around the world for charity, and broke the world record for continuous pedalling, is now running the equivalent of 200 marathons across Canada.

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Record-breaking cyclist: full report

A man from Gloucester who cycled half way round the globe - and even through a war zone - has another achievement under his belt.

Jamie McDonald has broken the world record for continuous pedalling - that's 11 days in the saddle! And he's not resting just yet. Here's Eli-Louise Wringe.

You can follow Jamie's exploits on Twitter.


Cyclist rides from Bangkok to Gloucester

A cyclist who arrived home in Gloucester having ridden more than 14 thousand miles from Bangkok says he's now planning to go for a world record. Jamie McDonald braved war zones to raise thousands of pounds for a children's charity.

Near the final leg of the journey he was joined by his cousin and they dressed as Batman and Robin. The supercycling hero has been telling Ken Goodwin about his adventures.

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