Hinkley B Gets Extension

EDF Energy has extended the operating life of Hinkley B power station in Somerset by 7 years.

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Energy Minister welcomes news

The Energy Minister John Hayes is welcoming the news that Hinkley B will be operating for an extra seven years.**

It is absolutely fantastic news for our energy security that these two nuclear power stations will continue generating vast amounts of electricity into the 2020s.

This decision will also secure hundreds of skilled jobs in both Somerset and North Ayrshire, highlighting the value of nuclear energy to our economy and society.

– John Hayes, Energy Minister

74% of Somerset people agree nuclear power is necessary

Recent polling conducted by EDF Energy shows that 74% of Somerset people agree that nuclear is a necessary part of the energy balance, which is significantly above the already impressive national average of 66%.

The B station employs around 535 full time staff, including 44 apprentices, as well as 220 full time staff from contract partners and the wage bill alone is an estimated £40m a year which goes into the local economy.

Local authorities welcome news

EDF Energy announced it had completed the necessary technical and economic evaluation that is expected to see the plant, one of the area’s largest employers, continue operating until at least 2023.

The decision has been welcomed by local authorities in Somerset as well as trade unions, as it will help to preserve the local skills and jobs associated with the existing plant until after the expected completion of the planned new nuclear power station.

This decision will bring significant benefits to the local community in terms of jobs and additional economic activity. We have committed to investing a further £300m a year in the eight-strong nuclear fleet. Our nuclear generation business provides work for more than 300 companies in the supply chain and around 90 per cent of our total £650m annual spend in the supply chain goes to British companies.


The visitor centre, located in Angel Place shopping centre in nearby Bridgwater, was officially opened today by Vincent de Rivaz.

As well as offering guided tours of Hinkley Point B, the new visitors’ centre provides classroom facilities for local school students to learn more about nuclear power.

This is great news for all of us at Hinkley Point B and for everyone in the local community.

The decision means we can continue to provide highly skilled jobs and bring major investment to the area. It also shows that EDF Energy recognises the professionalism and commitment of our staff in safely supplying low carbon electricity for more than 36 years.



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