Xmas Drink Drive Campaign

Avon and Somerset Police has arrested almost 200 people for drink / drug driving as part of the annual Operation Tonic festive campaign.

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136 arrested in drink drive campaign

136 people were arrested and charged in Avon and Somerset's Christmas anti-drink and drugs campaign. 857 motorists were given breath tests.

The campaign targeted persistent offenders and venues know for drink and drug driving, rather than roadside breath tests. Three drivers were tested for drugs driving, but none was positive and the force received 20 texts to a special number set up for people to report suspected offenders.

We take drink and drug driving seriously all year round, now just at Christmas, and people should know that we will continue to target and bring to justice any drivers who put themselves and others in danger.

– Chief Inspector John Holt, Avon and Somerset Police

180 people arrested for drink driving during December

Avon and Somerset's newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens, joined officers as they carried out random breath tests on drivers during the festive period.

180 people have been arrested in the force area as part of December's Operation Tonic campaign.

She urges people to shop a drink or drug driver by ringing 999 or texting the word 'drunk' to 81819, giving the driver's details if they see anyone getting behind the wheel while under the influence:


Almost 200 arrests for drink driving in December

Almost 200 drivers have been arrested for drink or drug driving offences by Avon and Somerset Police in December.

There have been a total of 180 arrests as part of Operation Tonic - the annual Christmas campaign. Last year 231 drivers were arrested during the same period.

Drivers caught drinking and driving or driving while under the influence of drugs risk a fine of up to £5000, a minimum 12 month driving ban, a criminal record and could end up behind bars and without a job.

Police want motorists to take care during the build-up to the New Year celebrations. Anyone planning to go out and celebrate the New Year is being advised to nominate a non-drinking driver, arrange alternative transport and leave the car at home.

9 women arrested as part of Gloucestershire’s Christmas drink drive campaign

Twenty people have been arrested in the past week as part of Gloucestershire’s Christmas drink drive campaign, bringing the total number of arrests during December to 57.

Of those arrested as part of the campaign nine have been women.

There may be a perception amongst the public that drink drivers are all young men, but this is not the case - it can be anyone.

We have arrested both men and women, a wide range of ages and many different backgrounds.

The thing to remember is that the only way to be 100% sure you are safe to drive is to have none to drink at all.

There is no concrete method to calculating whether you are over the limit, it depends on many things, everyone is different and how often you drink, what you have eaten and how big you are can all make a difference.

– Inspector Jason Keates, Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Road Policing Unit

If you suspect anyone of getting behind the wheel under the influence you can now report it to Gloucestershire Police by texting details to 07860 0090 095.

50 arrested for drink or drug driving

Police carry out drink drive check Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Police have arrested nearly 50 people for drink or drug driving across Avon and Somerset in the first week of the Operation Tonic Christmas campaign. Since it started on Dec 1, a total of 47 motorists who have been stopped have tested positive.

This Christmas police are asking people to shop a drink or drug driver by ringing 999 or texting the word drunk to a special number, 81819, from their mobile and giving the driver's details if they see anyone getting behind the wheel while under the influence.


Police launch drink drive campaign

Avon and Somerset Police launch drink drive campaign. Credit: ITV West

The region's police forces are starting their annual campaigns against drink driving. Last Christmas Avon and Somerset Police stopped nearly 12,000 vehicles and 231 people gave positive breath or drug tests.

Officers are calling on people to dial 999 if they see someone getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

100 arrested during drink driving campaign

A month-long campaign against drink and drug driving in Dorset has led to 100 drivers being arrested. The number of arrests have increased this year compared to last year's campaign, which saw 88 people arrested.

Our message, as ever, remains simple – do not risk lives by drinking and driving.


During the campaign last month every driver involved in a collision was breath tested by police. Drivers face a 12 month driving ban if convicted and could face up to six months in prison or a £5,000 fine.

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