Court Action Against PCC

The Chief Consable of Avon and Somerset is mounting a legal challenge over his forthcoming departure. Colin Port's contract has not been renewed by the newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens.

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Port: "This was never just about me"

The outgoing chief constable of Avon and Somerset police says he was acting for all Chief Constables after losing his legal action against the newly elected police and crime commissioner.

Colin Port had been seeking a six-month notice period and an injunction blocking the interview process for his successor. A High Court judge today refused permission for a judicial review.

This was never just about me. This was about the position of all Chief Constables. We lost today on a technicality and we are now considering an appeal.

The Judge made it clear it was the conduct of the Police and Crime Commissioner at our meeting on 21 November which led to the breakdown in our relationship. It was a meeting she arranged and had conduct of.

Whether she intended or mishandled that meeting the Judge said, she holds responsibility for the breakdown of our relationship.

I am now in conference with my lawyers. My focus and my interest has always been for the police and public of Avon and Somerset.

– Chief Constable Colin Port


Police chief to take Police and Crime Commissioner to court

The Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, Colin Port, is taking the newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner to court.

It is thought he is taking the action at the High Court against Sue Mountstevens in a bid to keep his job, and that he has called for 6 months notice and an injunction to stop a replacement being appointed.

The Chief Constable announced that he would be standing down the day after the new PCC was elected.

After publicly announcing on November 22 that he intended to retire at the end of his fixed term appointment on January 26, 2013, we were surprised to receive a legal letter from Chief Constable Colin Port, on Friday December 21 requesting six months notice and an injunction blocking the interview process for a new Chief.

We believe his claims are unfounded and we will resist them.

– Office of Avon & Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner
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