Dartmouth ferry re-opens

The Dartmouth Lower Ferry has re-opened this morning after 19 weeks of construction work. The refurbishment involved rebuilding the slipways at a cost of £1 million.

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New Schmallenberg virus vaccine approved

A new born lamb born on a farm where 75 lambs were lost to Schmallenberg Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

A new vaccine for a deadly livestock virus has been approved by government vets.

Schmallenberg virus causes birth defects in sheep and cattle. It's carried by midges and the south west has seen the largest numbers of cases. The vaccine should be available by this summer.


PICTURES: First sailing of Dartmouth Lower Ferry

The Dartmouth Lower Ferry has resumed sailing between Kingswear and Dartmouth after six months. It stopped while £1 million repairs to the slipways took place.

The ramp is lowered for the first sailing at 7am. The tug is standing by to pull the ferry across Credit: ITV News West Country
On board the first sailing for six months Credit: ITV News West Country

Dartmouth ferry refurbishment starts

Work has started to refurbish one of the region's most historic ferry links between Dartmouth and Kingswear. The lower ferry slipways on both sides of the river are being extended and resurfaced at a cost of more than a million pounds.

It is hoped the link, which dates back to the 1700s, will reopen by Easter. However, although the lower ferry will be out of service, the new high capacity higher ferry is running as normal for those wishing to cross the River Dart. Our correspondent Jonathan Gibson reports.


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