Is This The Next Tom Daley?

Olympic medallist Tom Daley believes a six year old boy from Cornwall could be the "next big thing" in British diving.

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Tom Daley and the six year old diver

Like his idol and mentor Tom Daley, Oscar Piper has his eyes fixed on one day winning Olympic gold.

The six year old, from Torpoint in Cornwall, is rapidly becoming something of an internet sensation after Daley unveiled him as his new protégé.

The 18-year-old Olympic medallist posted footage of Oscar making a courageous jump from the 10 metre board after the youngster was 'devastated' to learn he wasn't old enough to appear on 'Splash!', Daley's prime time show on ITV.

You can watch the video here:

Is this the next Tom Daley?

Tom Daley has tweeted a video of the six year old Credit: PA

A six year old from Cornwall has been training with Tom Daley at the Plymouth Diving Centre since he was four.

Oscar Piper is just 3ft 5 inches tall, but he is already able to leap from 10m boards. Tom Daley calls him "the coolest six-year-old I know".

Oscar, who is from Torpoint, had hoped to appear as a guest performer on Daley's Saturday night ITV show "Splash", but was told by producers he was too young.

To make up for the disappointment, Tom Daley has tweeted a video of his protege in action.!a9JYaab

Tom Daley with Oscar Piper Credit: Tom Daley


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