Novelist Fights Incinerator

Novelist Jilly Cooper joins the fight against plans for an incinerator in Gloucester.

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Council urged to reconsider incinerator plans: full report

An MP, a best selling author and a host of fashion designers are among the growing number of high profile figures calling on Gloucestershire County Council to reconsider its plans for an incinerator. Among them, the author Jilly Cooper, who says it is "an assault on our rural heritage."

Today, campaigners added further weight to that argument claiming that the new plant on the outskirts of Gloucester has been poorly thought through and may even be in breach of European law.

Our Gloucestershire Correspondent Ken Goodwin has the story:


Waste consultants urge council to think again

Campaigners trying to stop a waste incinerator being built at Javelin Park near Gloucester say that the project could end up being an expensive white elephant.

A report they have commissioned from waste consultants YNYS Resources claims the county council has seriously over-estimated the

future waste requirements of Gloucestershire, that an incinerator of the kind proposed will be uneconomical to run, and may breach new EU legislation.

Richard Carter from YNYS says that his advice to the council would be to think again:

Campaigners against incinerator plans say need has been over-estimated

Campaigners air view at news conference Credit: ITV NEWS WEST COUNTRY

Campaigners fighting plans for an incinerator in Gloucester are claiming that the County Council has over-estimated the need for such a facility.

At a news conference in the city today, campaigners urged the council to look again at their their plans saying not enough waste is being produced to justify a development of this size.

Celebrities back fight against incinerator

Protesters will outline their latest case against the proposals Credit: ITV News West Country

Celebrities including the author Jilly Cooper have joined the campaign against an incinerator in Gloucestershire.

This morning, protesters will outline their latest case against the proposals for a large waste incinerator at Javelin Park near Gloucester. They are worried about the health risk and the impact on the landscape.


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