Cornwall's own Richard III?

Archaeologists believe they have proof that a 300 year old rumour surrounding the mysterious burial of a local landowner has turned out to be true.

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  1. John Andrews

Cornish legend : Full Report

The story of Sir James Tillie is one of those great Cornish legends where truth is stranger than fiction. His remains have been discovered sitting up in a vault, just as he demanded in his will.

The mausoleum he built near the Tamar is being restored after three hundred years of decay.


300-year-old legend solved

Sir James Tillie's remains uncovered at Pentillie Castle Credit: ITV West Country

Archaeologists in Cornwall have found the human remains of Sir James Tillie after 300 years.

His remains were found on a chair at Pentillie Castle. It's understood he believed he would come back to life, so asked in his will that he be placed in a chair in the building rather than buried.

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