iTunes spending spree

A five-year-old Bristol boy has given his parents a shock by racking up bill on iTunes of over £1,700 – in just 10 minutes. Little Danny Kitchen asked to download a free game on his parents iPad but once he had the password, he didn’t stop.

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5-year-old racks up £1700 iTunes bill

A five-year-old boy from Bristol has given his parents a shock, by racking up a £1,700 iTunes bill - in just 10 minutes.

After downloading a free app, Danny Kitchen found his way into the game's online store and innocently ordered dozens of costly add-ons - totalling £1710.43!

Danny is now banned from the family iPad.

After three days of correspondence, Apple have now told the family they will refund the money.


'Keep your pass codes safe...' says Apple

Apple have said that cases such at Danny Kitchen's must be reported as quickly as possible. They say it is vital people kept their pass code - which is designed to stop unauthorised electronic purchases on its products - safe.

All iOS devices have built in parental controls that give parents and guardians the ability to restrict access to content, eg internet access and age rated content such as music, games, apps, TV shows, movies etc.

Parental controls also give parents and guardians the option to turn off functionality such as purchasing from iTunes and the ability to turn off in-app purchases.

– Apple spokesman

More information on how to restrict child accesses to devices can be found here.

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