Laurie Lee re-visited

The cast of a play based on the famous west country novel Cider with Rosie have been visiting the village where the author grew up and lived.

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Cast of play follows in author's footsteps

The cast and crew of Cider With Rosie, looking at the house in Slad, where Laurie Lee was brought up. Credit: Ken Goodwin

Laurie Lee's famous autobiographical novel was published in 1959, and has sold millions of copies since.

The cast and crew from the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham have been visiting the late author's home village of Slad, in Gloucestershire, to see where he lived, his grave and the pub in which he used to drink.

The play will be on at the Everyman Theatre from March 21st - 30th.

"There's an atmosphere here, particularly the style in which he wrote, the poetry of it, is all around us here."

  • Richard Derrington, actor (playing Laurie Lee as an adult.)
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