Daley voted Plymouth's best

Olympic Diver Tom Daley has been voted the greatest person ever to have lived in Plymouth.

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Daley says he is "honoured" to have been chosen

It is crazy that I've won. I don't know how it has happened. All the others are such big national and even world figures - I'm honoured that people came out and voted for me.

I knew from Twitter that people had been voting for me, but to have been named the greatest, I'm just really happy. It's hard to know what to say.

Maybe in 20 years when everyone has forgotten about me, the result will be different but to have won this is huge."

– Tom Daley

The poll was a carried out by the local paper, The Plymouth Herald.

Daley voted greatest person ever to have lived in Plymouth

Tom Daley Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Diver Tom Daley has topped a poll to find the greatest person ever to have lived in Plymouth. The 18-year-old took top spot with 35 per cent of the vote while Drake, who defeated the Spanish Armada in 1585, came second with 26 per cent.

Olympic bronze medallist Tom also beat Lady Nancy Astor - the first woman to take her seat in Parliament - and Antarctic explorer Captain Scott.


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