'Bedroom Tax' survey

New survey reveals 30,000 people in the South West will pay the controversial so-called bedroom tax.

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30,000 liable for 'bedroom tax' in the south west

A new survey shows 30,000 in the South West will pay the controversial so-called bedroom tax, according to a new survey. It also found that just under 19,000 of those people are disabled.

The tax was introduced three months ago. It means a cut in housing benefit for people in social housing who have spare bedrooms. The survey found that nationally half of all people paying the tax could no longer afford their rent

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Protests against housing benefit changes

Campaigners have been demonstrating against new rules which will see housing benefit cut for council tenants deemed to have spare bedrooms.

Protests were staged in Bristol and Exeter in opposition to changes which the Government calls the spare room subsidy. Labour has dubbed it the bedroom tax.


'Bedroom tax' protests in Bristol and Bath

Protest rallies are due to take place in Bristol and Bath this afternoon against new rules which leave people claiming housing benefits facing deductions for spare rooms.

The so-called 'bedroom tax' will leave council tenants with £11 a week less if they're deemed to have one spare bedroom and £21 a week less if they have two. Bristol City Council says the rules will affect more than 4,700 households in the city.

The rally in Bristol is due to take place on College Green at 1pm. In Bath it's outside The Guildhall at the same time. Protests are taking place in 60 towns and cities nationwide.

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