No phone for Exeter pensioner

A pensioner from Exeter who relies on her BT telephone for a personal alarm will be without a phoneline for seven weeks.

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Pensioner has further 3 weeks to wait for phone line

An elderly woman who's been without her emergency alarm for a month because of a fault with her BT phone line has been told today she'll have to wait another three weeks before it's fixed.

Jennifer Trusted from Exeter wears a special pendant to summon help in an emergency. But without a working phone line it's useless.

Yesterday we told you how BT had apologised for the inconvenience but today Mrs Trusted discovered it won't be put right until April 24th.

  1. Jacquie Bird

Pensioner living in fear as faulty phoneline means no personal alarm

A pensioner who relies on her BT telephone for a personal alarm says the company has left her in fear.

Great Grandmother Jennifer Trusted from Exeter was promised that engineers would have fixed the line within a week when she first reported it - but has now been told they don't know when it will be working again, leaving her frightened that she may fall at home and be unable to summon help.


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