Canal visitor centre opens

A new visitor centre celebrating the Grand Western Canal's heritage and wildlife has opened in Tiverton.

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Visitor Centre opens on Devon's Grand Western Canal

Grand Western Canal visitor centre Credit: Devon County Council

A new visitor centre for the Grand Western Canal has opened its doors today in Tiverton. Visitors to the 11 mile attraction, which stretches from Mid Devon to Lowdwells near the Somerset border, will be able to learn about the canal's heritage and wildlife.

The opening comes as repairs are underway to fix part of the historic canal wall, which gave way under flooding in November. The force of the water carved a gorge into the hillside and swamped local fields.

Devon County Council has pledged £3 million to restore it. It's hoped the repairs will be finished in time for the 200th anniversary of the canal next year.

Parts of canal were destroyed in winter floods Credit: ITV Westcountry
Devon County Council has pledged £3 million to repair canal Credit: ITV Westcountry
Embankment near Tiverton burst after torrential rains in November Credit: ITV Westcountry
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