Drugs gang jailed

A gang who brought £1 million worth of heroin into Devon and Cornwall have been jailed.

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Full report: drug gang jailed for total of 70 years

Members of a drugs gang that flooded the West Country with heroin are tonight beginning jail sentences totalling more than seventy years. Police surveillance uncovered the extent of their dealings and today 16 of the 25 people involved were brought to justice.

The drugs were brought into the region from Liverpool before being distributed here. One of the gang was a grandfather, and three generations of his family were also involved. Seth Conway reports.

Drugs gang jailed for a total of 70 years

A drugs gang has been jailed for a total of 70 years for bringing £1 million pounds worth of heroin into Devon and Cornwall.

Three generations of the Wood family from Cornwall were involved in a scheme to bring the drugs into Torbay and Bodmin.

They were caught after police spent two years tracking the movements of couriers.


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