Plymouth Argyle confirm McCormick return

Plymouth Argyle have confirmed the signing of Luke McCormick five years after the club sacked him.

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McCormick re-sign: Plymouth Argyle statement

Luke has advised us that, as part of the deal, he will donate a significant sum of money and give his time to support a local children's charity.

– Plymouth Argyle

Although Luke made a dreadful mistake with unthinkable consequences, he has served his time and is totally remorseful.

While I respect others who have alternative views, from a moral standpoint, the Board and I think Luke is entitled to rehabilitation.

John Sheridan wanted to sign him and the club is totally supportive of that.

– James Brent, Argyle chairman

BREAKING NEWS: Plymouth Argyle confirm Luke McCormick is back

Luke McCormick has been signed by Plymouth Argyle for a one-year contract Credit: PA

Plymouth Argyle have confirmed today that they have re-signed Luke McCormick for a one-year contract.

Argyle fired their former goalkeeper after he caused the death of two children in a car crash. 29 year old McCormick was sentenced to seven years and four months in jail, but served just half that term.


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