Devon homeless in football tournament

A group of homeless people who receive help from the Chapter 1 shelter in Torquay will take part in a football competition for homeless people

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Football 'key to my recovery'

I became homeless because of alcohol and legal highs.

I've been having panic attacks and bad anxiety since I was 17. I have depression. I used to drink to block out the anxiety, and take legal highs to lift my depression.

It meant me losing jobs, and my home.

I now know exercise is the best thing for depression. That's why football, and all sports activities, are important to me.

When I move into my own place, I'll still carry on with the weekly football sessions through the hostel because I love it.

– Chris, resident in Chapter 1 hostel in Torquay

Devon's homeless in football competition

Homeless football is about more than just a game.

Playing sport encourages fitness, self-confidence and discipline.

It can better equip people who have been homeless to move on, to live independently in the community, gain qualifications and find work.

Our aim is to enthuse more homeless projects to develop sports schemes within their local area and build sustainable working partnerships to support homeless people in every possible way.

– Dean Ashton, Sports Development Officer, Chapter 1


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