Swindon drugs gang jailed

Seven men have been jailed for more than 40 years for the 'large scale distribution of cocaine' in Swindon. It brings the total number of men convicted and sentenced to 11 since 2011.

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Reaction from Wiltshire Police:

It [the group] was identified as having a hierarchical structure with the head of the group, an Albanian, Fatos Hamsaraj who lived within Swindon, coordinating the distribution network.

Through surveillance, analytical work and working with other agencies, police believed cocaine was being brought into the country in cars specially adapted to conceal Class A drugs and mixed with other cutting agents such as Benzocaine, at different locations and then distributed throughout Swindon."

– Detective Inspector Steve Kirby, Senior Investigating Officer, Wiltshire Police

This operation is a great example of the cross-force working – from local Neighbourhood Police Teams to our specialist crime team.

Organised Crime causes widespread misery in our communities by creating a domino effect of crimes being committed – many of the lower level offences designed to fund the more serious. Members of these groups also prey on the most vulnerable in our society – be that by plying them with drugs or forcing them to break the law for their benefit."

– Superintendent Gavin Williams, Wiltshire Police


Wiltshire Police 'Operation Staple' sees seven men jailed

Seven men have been sentenced to more than a total of 40 years imprisonment.

The group was arrested following a large police operation called 'Staple'.

The men are said to have been behind the 'large scale distribution of cocaine' in Swindon.

Wiltshire Police seized drugs with an estimated street value of £6m.

Police worked with the Border Agency, DVLA, housing associations, and Swindon Borough Council's Licensing Department, in order to convict the group.

  • Fatos HAMZARAJ born 08/04/82 – sentenced to 12 years imprisonment
  • Gugliemo ROSSI born 16/5/83 - sentenced to six years imprisonment
  • Paul BOULTON born 11/11/83 - sentenced to eight years imprisonment
  • Michael CROSSLEY born 12/06/84 - sentenced to four years imprisonment
  • Christopher Peter HEMMING born 24/08/79 - sentenced to six years imprisonment
  • Paul Matthew BUNNEY born 01/12/79 - sentenced to 20 month imprisonment
  • Jack Bowen JONES born 21/07/91 - sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.
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