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UKIP's Executive Chairman rejects Rees-Mogg's idea

Should the Conservatives form an electoral pact with UKIP? That's the suggestion being floated by some at Westminster - most notably Jacob Rees-Mogg, Tory MP for North-East Somerset.

In an interview for ITV West Country, he proposes a deal whereby UKIP would not stand against eurosceptics like him, and in return the Tories would not field candidates where UKIP has a chance of winning.

The idea's hardly likely to go down well with the leadership and on The West Country at Westminster UKIP's Executive Chairman Steve Crowther rejects the idea in any case:

The West Country at Westminster

The May edition of The West Country at Westminster, the monthly regional discussion programme hosted by Alastair Stewart.

Guests George Eustice MP (Con, Camborne and Redruth), Dawn Primarolo MP (Lab, Bristol South) and Steve Crowther, from UKIP, debate the impact of the Eurosceptic party's recent performance in the council elections and whether it should form a pact with the Conservatives.

And Dawn Primarolo considers Labour's decision to work with the mayor of Bristol by serving in his cabinet.


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