Open Farm Sunday

Farms around the region are preparing for Open Farm Sunday, which takes place this weekend.

Visitors will be shown by farmers how food is produced and also get the opportunity to see farm animals.

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Helping children learn where food comes from

Farms across the West Country will be opening their gates to the public tomorrow for the annual Open Farm Sunday event.

The aim is to raise awareness of the story behind our food and its link with nature.

A report by the British Nutrition Foundation found that one in five schoolchildren had never visited a farm - and that there were large gaps in their knowledge. Nearly a third questioned in the survey thought cheese came from a plant. While one in five thought fish fingers are made of chicken.

Nick Bragg is from Frogmary Green Farm in South Petherton near Ilminster:

And you can watch Richard Lawrence's report from last year's Open Farm Sunday event here.


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