Cow death inquest

The inquest is being held into the death of Sandra Wiltshire who was killed as she walked her dog in Chippenham in October last year.

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Cow death inquest: "accidental death"

A jury has returned a verdict of accidental death on Sandra Wiltshire, who was trampled to death by cows along with her pet dog in a field in Chippenham, Wilts, last October. The inquest in Salisbury was told Sandra had no right to be in the field that had no public access.

Cow death inquest held in Wiltshire

An inquest has heard how Sandra Wiltshire and her pet dog Bruce were killed when they were trampled by cows in Chippenham last October.

The inquest in Salisbury is being heard in front of a jury who were told there was no public right of way through the field.

The jury was told that a fellow dog walker had found Sandra following the attack. She then lost consciousness and never recovered. A farmer told the inquest he believed the presence of a dog in the field would have caused the cows to react and trample Sandra.


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