Killer recaptured in Australia

Simon Hennessey, who escaped from a Gloucestershire prison in 1998, has been recaptured in Australia.

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Killer recaptured in Australia after 15 years on the run

A British killer who escaped from prison has been recaptured in Australia after 15 years on the run, Queensland Police said.

Simon Hennessey absconded from Leyhill Open Prison in 1998. Credit: ITV West

Simon Hennessey was 14 when he pleaded guilty to murdering his elderly aunt in 1978 and was sentenced to life.

He was serving his sentence at Leyhill Open Prison, Gloucestershire, when he fled in 1998.

Australian police arrested Hennessey on suspicion of several counts of credit card fraud earlier this month and it was only after they fingerprinted him that his real identity was discovered.

If he is convicted of serious fraud offences he could face a jail sentence in Australia or he could be extradited back to Britain.

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