Exeter Airport sold

Exeter International Airport has been sold to the Rigby Group, which owns Coventry airport. It says the move will secure the future of the 305 staff and its commitment to regional aviation.

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Statements on Exeter Airport deal

The Chairman of the Rigby Group, which has just acquired Exeter International Airport from Balfour Beatty says:

We believe in the importance of regional airports and of their value to the local and regional communities and of their important contribution and place in the local economies. We are intent on developing our aviation business, within the Rigby Group, and we have made a significant acquisition here, and recently with the acquisition of British International Helicopters. We now intend to consolidate both of these opportunities with a view to being a leading group in the sectors of regional airports and helicopter operations. Approximately 450 jobs are now sustained in our aerospace activities.

– Sir Peter Rigby, Chairman, The Rigby Group

The Chief Executive of Balfour Beatty says:

We are pleased to have come to an arrangement that ensures the future viability of the airport for its staff and the local community it serves.

– Andrew McNaughton, Chief Executive, Balfour Beatty


Exeter Airport sold for undisclosed sum

Exeter International Airport has been acquired by the Rigby Group Credit: ITV News West Country

The company that owns Coventry Airport has taken over Exeter International Airport from Balfour Beatty plc for an undisclosed sum.

The Rigby group, which has also recently acquired British International Helicopters, will bring the airport into its Patriot Aerospace division. It says the move shows its commitment to regional aviation and will secure 305 jobs.

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