Farmers want bigger TB crackdown

Farmers demanding drastic action to limit affect of bovine TB.

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  1. Richard Lawrence

Full report: Farmers demand more action on bovine TB

The National Farmers Union says the latest figures for outbreaks of bovine TB show the disease is still rife and spreading across the region. More than seventeen thousand cattle in the West Country have been slaughtered in the past year.

Earlier this month the Government revealed its plans to help eradicate the disease over 25 years. But many famers says that is too long and more badger culls will have to take place to eliminate the disease.


Badger cull suggested to prevent rise of bovine TB

Some farmers have been demanding a badger cull. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Farmers are calling for more direct action to control bovine TB.

The latest figures show only a slight decrease in the number of outbreaks in the West Country over the past twelve months.

The government has put forward proposals to eradicate the disease over twenty five years, but some farmers believe stepping up the badger culls is the most realistic solution.

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